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There seems to be a large influx of new players over the past few months. This is great to see but what seems to be happening is that a lot of the players are finding it difficult to make it from rudimentary gear (B grade) up to S80 gear. I have seen several in our clan struggle to try to get A & S gear but the problem is active players do not have the gear or mats to sell/give for them to make the transition. I have seen some players give up because of this. Out of curiosity I tried to locate the mats needed to make S gear but found it very difficult. Most stuff on AH is very old and waaaaay over priced and probably couldn’t be bought anyway (inactive accounts). It would be nice if the unsealed gear was added to drops of mops in areas like IOP, swamp, etc so that they could have a shot at getting the S gear while they leveled up. Food for thought.

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I totally agree with this. I have given out all the [S] & [A] gear over the last few years and have none left to give. The pieces are only good if a full set anyway. Honestly, I wouldn’t just give out [s80] gear. They cannot wear it anyway without 20 to all stats for the Zaj gear.

I think some kind of changes like event sealed pieces that we can help folks unseal would help the newer folks. On a side note, I would encourage new players to read the website guide notes as well as forums. Keep answering the same questions that are easily answered if they read the game guides first. Then ask clarification questions.

I would rather folks find it easier to get [A] & [S] sets without saying hey, you’re new, go donate $50-100 off the top to be able to play as a newbie. Takes the early grind out and irritates new players. Gotta set the hook in them before they commit to spending money. :wink: Marketing…

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I still have alot of a and s sealed pieces just hanging around, anyone new to the server just global what they are looking for and if Im on its yours.

hi vinnyc, when are u onlin eagain im new, lev 72 now i would like some of your A or S items plz

Welcome to the server. Don’t have any gear like that but have some other stuff to help get you going. Look for frosty

What class are you GankMuD? I have full sets of the S grade items.

And like others have stated. The newbie gears, like A and S need to be adjusted. It’s so hard and tedious to craft those pieces I would quit if it came down to that. I can remember when I started I bought the full pieces because trying to craft them is weeks/months of grinding.

Would be nice if Zaj set didn’t have the 20 stat limit too. That set is out dated to have that cap on it. And it might actually help people sell some of those gears on AH. I know people have been getting Zaj pieces for a LONG time now and for most people they are just collecting dust in an alts inventory.

all of these points are valid and have been brought up in the past. Looks like it’s in zaj’s hands now. Other than that I’d say let them farm the gear as it is still difficult to craft/obtain and that is how it is. Or have them invest a few bucks, get an essence and bone set, and away they go. Everything else is a waste of time IMO.

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I am knight, in-game name is oldskoolnoob

Absolutely, i just started last week as well and have been hunting IOP pretty much the whole time.

Would be nice if there was a chance i could get a drop of a proper gear instead of tons of mats.

I have been very lucky with the great community helping me with spare gears and advice.

Waiting for you to get online soon, im lev 9x now, i have maxed out lind sword, but without proper armor gear and DR I can’t hunt in any area I am suppose to be hunting at my level range, the only non-danger area I can hunt now give exp penalty which only gives 0.001 per kill. I guess the gear system should be revised to bring more balance to the game.

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Id recommend getting a bone set and using a nightmare essence for 5gc you will be crazy strong. If i were new and starting out i wouldn’t use anything else. Grats on the lind weap

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I have been using that but it doesn’t provide much DR, most places the mops come in waves and if i don’t react fast enough, the hp, ac and Mr doesn’t do much.

Last night i had a mage take me to Skaro and bliz firestorm everything… i gained a level and a half in 30mins before he had to go to work.

If you can find a mage and that key you will be level 100 in no time!

Pumpkin/bone set gives enough hp to tank anything that you need to be killing at low tier, just immune up and vt everything. If you cant cast vt then make a mage and use scrolls basically unkillable.

Power levelling doesn’t work here since the exp is cut huge, better off solo always unfortunately

so u r saying mage is OP on this server? im thinking about making a mage actually.

yep mage is the way mage rocks!

No, elf is OP. Mage is just the quickest and easiest to level

quickest to level sounds pretty good to me =) what about which class is the most fun to play? I never touched mage and elf in the past.

mage is the only way here

Mage is fun to play… each class has their own perks. Elf does most damage, mage is probably easiest to level, knight is best tank. D-E also does really good damage. It’s your choice. I don’t know if anyone plays classes other than those, however.