Items that should no longer announce?

I’m looking to update some items so that they no longer announce globally and wanted to get your opinions, since you guys are the ones who see the announcements happen and some of them are more annoying than others. This is not a place to argue or insult people because they don’t want a drop to announce their location, so don’t waste a post to argue that point.

I’ve already removed the announcement for the Lesser Bribe, an example of one i think should be removed is Soul Enchantment Scrolls. They are now common enough that all they really do is announce that someone is in the temple rather than making someone feel good about the drop they got. What do you guys think should be removed from the announcement list. If you feel like something should stay, that you think others may want removed, feel free to make a post saying that you’d like it to stay, but not in a flame war way.

Now this part is important, so this topic doesn’t turn into a mess. If you see a reply that has what you would like taken off the announce list, simply click the heart on their post to “like” it. This is voting to have that item off the list. If you see a reply saying to leave a announcement in that you agree with, simply click the heart for that post to vote it staying.

When we get this list made of what needs to be removed from the announce list, I’ll go through and clean it up in one swoop. Thanks for your input!

I think that all enchant scrolls that are below x grade should be removed. This includes the armor scrolls in Skaro.


I know you dont like double posts but considering the nature of your plan on voting my other thought is that all boss gear should still announce; ie, cougar belt, Zaj cloak, RKS…


Lesser bribe Zajako should be removed.


Hi Zajako, There is no option here to ‘dislike’ a post, so you are not getting a true indication of what ppl think.

I personally want the scrolls to global.




to dislike a post, simply like the post that says the opposite of it, or if there is none make a post and people will like it.

lesser bribe is already removed

Remove them all.

Blah blah blah additional symbols for minimum requirement.


Agree with Brumaal. Remove them all or at least have an option to turn them on/off in account options (like with soul messages).

People can brag drops if they want. Speaking of which, an option to turn off brag announcements as well, as it’s annoying when someone brags half their inventory and floods the chat for 40 lines…


Can we get the gem announcements removed? Or atleast require something better than a lvl 2 to announce?


I agree with Brumaal, all you seem to see in global nowadays is that someone has won lv2 gem.

Getting that removed would be nice

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