Items with names at the end

Hi all, super newb question: here’s a link to an item, what does that name [Earth5] mean at the end?

It’s 5 elemental resistance. You can buy elemental beginning scrolls in -betanoob armors and weapons get either resistance (armors) or damage (weapons).

To be honest idk wtf the elemental resistance does…but everyone adds it anyway haha! It’s pretty easy to get 100 of each elemental resistance if you add elements to all your armors.

The elemental damge on weapons adds a bit more of overall damage. And some monsters are weak to certain elements…think like dragons on toi 41f being weak to water.

People generally add what ever element to a weapon that it gains naturally. If you look at weapons in the database on the website you can see on the far right side of the soul item it gains WaD, for example, which is Watwr Damage. So someone might add water SCROLLS, 5, then add water STONES to 20 then from 21-40 water CRYSTALS.

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

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