Ivory Tower Daily bugged?

The daily labs has been showing full for hours, I was standing on the entry block waiting for it available and not seeing anyone come over and enter it.

Was able to get in Hardin’s lab and after could not get into Orim’s lab. Stood on square from 05:10 EST to 05:25, said full. Let two others try and they got same. Tried until 05:33 and gave up.

Also, has promo code to repeat quest expired?

I tried it this morning at 8:30 EST and the Orim lab is still full.

Orim’s lab is bugged, it will be fixed with the restart thats in a few hours. Also the ability to manually fix it without a restart is being put in as well.

Sometime after the restart tonight or sometime tomorrow there will be a promo code released for a free Ivory Tower Pass to allow you to do the instance an extra time tomorrow to make up for this issue.