Ivory Tower Updates

The wizards of the Ivory Tower managed to work together and generate enough power to teleport the souls and spirits that flooded the top of the Ivory tower. They couldn’t destroy them, as the rift is still open. They managed however to relocate them to the basement of the ivory tower. This freed the possessed members of the Ivory Tower’s army, allowing them to return to their duty.

Unfortunately when they moved these spirits it awoke the rift guardian who was pulled into the teleportation as well. He is very angry the rift was open on his watch and is determined to make it up by destroying everyone in sight.

If you want to goto the Ivory Tower Basement, talk to Ellione on IT3 who will teleport you down there.

Other Changes
Ivory Tower 4F+ is gated off until the elves have figured out a plan for sending a raid party to close the rift.

All broken or bugged TOI floors are fixed.

Drop rates on shards are all increased on IT B1

nice a new zone up and coming it sounds like with a Boss :smiley:

this still no working, she do not tele, just want the carged blade

Gandalf close the game completely and then run eat.exe to manually update your client. It will work after that.

sry, dosen’t work, just get an error (microsoft.net Framework) when running eat.exe, it come and go so fast cant see what it say

You need to install Microsoft .net run time. If you installed the game with the web download version it would have done this for you.

You can manually download and install just the .net framework here: www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=42643

Thx, that worked, boss spawn at this locations to? :slight_smile:

yes there are 2 bosses down there, Demon and Rift Guardian