Jewel Fragments

Jewel fragments, you know the things you get every now and then along with vit rewards. What are they used for? Did I miss something?

Hi Breeze, Zajako is bringing out some new Jewels. Check out Pandoras jewel listings. We suspect that these new fragments will have something to do with that. Maybe the option to make some if you get enough frags or something. Also new garden zone might drop them. RUMOR only, like you will have to wait & see.



The new jewel fragments are for crafting (fun?) the jewels being released. They will be from vitality rewards and be able to be harvested/drops from monsters.

There is also gonna be some kinda app for your phone? that allows you to store all the fragments there. As both you and I know there already is so much shit in our inventories it’ll be nice not to have a bunch of crafting components stuck there too!

I’m not logged in 24/7 nor at my computer even when I am logged in and most of these messages about new content is just talked about via global. Which is rather frustrating. I’m hoping for an update on forums, Twitter or the website main page so the vast majority of the games’ population will “be in the know”.