Keblrelf's bug reports for v4

i found 3 little bugs so far I think…
!. solvent does not work on gems
2. chan chat does not work
3. last poly does not show the 3 boxes

Fixed the bug with solvent.

Looking into the other 2 bugs still as i have not been able to duplicate them.

Only been on a little bit but I have found the following.

  1. Can only use in window mode, can’t switch to full screen, get a message in Korean when I try.
  2. Not sure if a bug but the tabs in spell window only show the spell for he level you select. It’s nice having numbers on the tabs but would be better if you could see all higher lvl spells after you select a tab.
  3. Client crashed in Pharaoh’s Tomb when I opened the inventory window. Was about three rooms in when it happened.

A few more bugs:

  1. Daily instances do not reset.
  2. Cursor often looks like a hand and not like a sword when attacking mops. Very rarely changes to sword when mobbed. Makes it more difficult to target.
  3. Client crashed when looking at options in new tele window.
  4. Aden Knight Captain - Cannot turn in XP shards or shop with soul charged frags.
  5. Greater Soul Battery - Not only gives the normal message but also gives a second message (MP and HP still recover even when you are overweight) with every usage.

If you get the korean error message, close the game and reopen it, then try alt + enter to goto full screen.

Click the All Magic tab at the top to view all spells not just one level

The crash in pharoah’s Tomb doesnt duplicate for me, it might be related to the bug you are having where you are crashing on live?

The cron jobs for resetting the dailies are not active on the test server, so that is normal

The cursor looks like a hand because you can right click then left click to auto attack the monsters

New Tele window when clicking a row in the drop down does crash, this is a known issue that needs fixed, but a complex one with the client files

I’ll Test the Aden Knight Captain and greater soul battery and get back to you on those.

Thank you very much for helping track down bugs so this release is smoothe!

Aden Knight Captain works, you just need to stand closer for the links to work. The new client lets you open the window from anywhere on the screen but you still can’t do the actions like the links without standing next to them. Its kinda annoying but its a change they made with this client.

The bug with the Greater Soul batteries was confirmed and fixed, may not be fixed on the test server right this second, but next time I restart it will.

I get the same Korean error message whether I use alt enter or try through the display settings.

I knew that about the spells window. I liked it better when you could still see the higher level spells after you click on one of the tabs. Also, if you click all spells it brings you back to lvl 1 spells and doesn’t leave you at the tab you clicked on.

I’ll have to get use to the hand and auto attack.

Aden Knight Captain does work just as you said. I wasn’t standing close enough.

Got the correct message with greater soul batteries.

Thanks for the response.

Couple more

You can’t use auto attack on Pumpkin King (I was able to use auto attack on Bunny Kings). Also, when I try to attack Pumpkin King using ctrl key the client pauses (graphics lag?) until I release the ctrl key. I would have to repeatedly hit ctrl each time I swung at Pumpkin King. Similar thing happens with function keys. Get real bad lag if you hold down a function key (i.e., to cast self heal, area attack, etc.). Is this just me or is it intended.