Know your NPC's [2018 Guide Contest]

This guide is to help you find the NPC (Non Player Character) that you are looking for.
First of all, the shop zone (-shop) has many NPC’s who sell items for Gift Coins to
make your gaming experience more enjoyable.
Warp 1 lands you at the NPC Pandora that sells jewelry solvent and upgrades or seals gems.
Also at W1 you can find an NPC in a house just south and a little east of town and you may
buy level one spell books such as lesser heal that knights use.
Warp 2 has Mellin who sells coals to blazing swamp that take new players to a hunting zone.
Lanore is used for tiering up, Minnie is for Tier 5 passes and for elixers.
Frintezzas Seamstress is about pouches, dolls and Easter event items. The red cube,
Messanger of Love allows wand trades and element shirt upgrades.
The Costume Merchant handles Halloween event items.
Matt will teleport you to hunting zones and to other villages.
Warp 3 has Sonara that crafts X-grade armors and if you click on Ultra Plate Set (con)
you will see a list of X-mats that may be crafted. She is located near the blacksmith.
The Vitality Priestess is also found in the town of Giran just north of the square.
You may turn in Vitality Coins there for usefull items such as Dragon Juice and X-Pots.
Warp 4 has the Aden Knight Captain who is found near the Valakas lair in Fire Valley.
He is used to turn in exp shards and to upgrade Valakas items into X grade items.
Warp 5 has Bius who is a shop NPC that sells enchant scrolls for non soul items
and also sells polymorph scrolls.
Warp 6 is a place where many players hunt to regain law alignment and if you travel north
to the Orc Castle you can find Kartuk, Shaman of Flames who is used to refine
conductive fire stones. (used in making tier 5 skills.)
Warp 7 has Nesari, Elemental Mystic (located in a cave). She refines conductive
wind stones. (used for making tier 5 skills.)
In Behimous is found NPC Chief Engineer Nabar who refines conductive earth stones.
Warp 8 has a shop merchant Caroline that sells interesting scrolls, soul and spirit ore.
Jeremiah sells B grade armors, Alchemist Nettles makes soul and spirit shots and
Zeld Archos makes greater armor and weapon enchant scrolls. You will also find the
Blacksmith of Mammon there who unseals armors and jewelry.
Warp 9 on the lower floor Orc Merchant Dranoc who sells soul and spirit shots.
The Weapon Collector there is used for turning in s grade weapons for vouchers used
to obtain S80 weapons. ToI Armory Guard Captain Taylor is also used in the process
of obtaining S80 weapons. (you need 4 reaper vials to use with blood stones he sells.)
(Vials of Reaper Blood are drops from the 80 lvl floors in ToI.)
New players will want to visit the NPC’s Elven ToI representative for an Elven Bow
of Blessing that gets lvled to lvl 10 and then turned back in for Gaias Blessing which gives
you buffs and the Dark Elven ToI Representative that gives you a dagger that gets lvled
to lvl 10 and then turned back in for Assassins Creed which gives you more buffs.
Warp 10 has Duron who is hard to see in his hut. He sells poisonous and icicle arrows.
To the left of Duran is Foni who sells scrolls of element removal. With those you may remove an element
on your item if you want to change it to another element to balance your element stats.
Other NPC’s of interest are:
Ivory Tower second floor Ellyonne who lets elfs chose an element line such as Water.
On the third floor is found Elliona. She is near the stairs and will send you to the basemant
to hunt or will charge up a weakened spirit blade. (Used when tiering up)
Betanoob (requires low lvl player to get there) has an NPC named Conor who is found
in a shop way west of where you teleport to there. He sells scrolls of elemental beginnings.
Those may be used to enchant armors and weapons with the first 5 of the elements wind
earth fire and water. Bran sells C armors and Liam sells C weapons.
Windawood has Dwarven Emissary who gives players the Water HDES and gives the
dailey quests in the underground areas for tier 3 and up players. He is located under and a
little east of the castle.
If you travel to the Aden church you can find the Wedding Coordinator NPC who lets
you turn in mats like the event wedding cake and other mats to obtain gifts. Most players
go for the best mans gift for the ultras that gift gives you if you are lucky.
In the Crack of Time area there is a lady in red named Mirage of the Past that moves
from place to place so is hard to find sometimes. She will buy your Pharaoh’s Gold. She
also gives you a daily quest and can craft some special items.
On the forth floor of the Imperial Tomb’s is the NPC Mammon’s Weaponsmith.
He is usefull in making Fluids of the Gods elixers. You may hunt the bloods needed
to craft those fluids on the forth floor also. (Scrolls to take you to the Imperial Tomb’s
are sold by the NPC Caroline at Warp 8.)
Sky Castle has an NPC named Laiden that lets you turn in the shields you get as drops
in the sky hunting zones and with the tickets you get along with sky fluids and arrow ash
you also get as drops in sky zones you may obtain epic and legendary gears. An example
is: 600 tickets, 1 Sky Fluid and 1 Arrow Ash makes you an Epic S80 Helm or Boots or Gloves.
Also in the Sky Castle is the Sky Merchant Taiven who upgrades jewels using jewel
fragments and also creates jewels with jewel fragments.
I hope this quide will be of benefit to new and experienced players alike. Have fun and good luck!