Kreggars story part two

Kreggar’s Story part II
After my brush with death in Fire Valley, I set out to learn more about this world. The teleporter Leslie was kind enough to send me to Gludio from Weldern. I could smell the fresh ocean air. This was a vast improvement from the burning Sulphur smell of Weldern. From Gludio, I set sail to Talking Island where I was to meet Pandora. She was said to know everyone and everything in the land. Upon docking in Talking Island I was greeted by her. She immediately noticed my brooch.

“So, you choose to go with stats?” Pandora asked pointing at the emerald in my brooch. “Most people new to the land choose the topaz for its ability to steal life from the monsters you are attacking.”

“Well I was given a hand full of jewels with no explanation. I was sure they did something, so I merely chose at random” I replied.

I then replaced the emerald in my brooch with a shiny topaz.

“A future king must learn and know a great many things. If you wish to grow you must learn the basics of this land and teach them to others who do not understand. I know you have traveled far to meet me, but I cannot give you the experience you seek. I will help in any way I can, but you will want to travel back to Silver Knight Town” Pandora said. “There you will find the shop keeper Mellin. He will sell you glowing coal that he has mined from the Blazing Swamp. Using the glowing coal, you can travel to the Blazing Swamps. There you will begin to learn what it takes to be an adventurer in Aden.”

“Thank you for your advice Pandora. I’m sure this won’t be our last meeting. I will return when I have experienced more of Aden. Hopefully to regale you with my tales of conquest” I said with confidence.

I hopped back on the boat and sailed back to Gludio. The teleporter Stevie sent me to Silver Knight Town. I bought the glowing coal. When I held it firmly in my hand my body started to tingle with a warm sensation which quickly became a burning sensation and poof! I was teleported to dank mountainous ruins that smelled of rot and decay. There was also the roaring sound of a small army. I immediately fell under attack by the Hames orcs. As I was clearing out the Hames, I noticed they wore better armor than myself. While rummaging through the corpses I was able to piece together a set of Blue Wolf heavy armor. When I equipped the armor, I felt strangely stronger.

While fighting my way through hordes of Hames orcs I see a 30ft long green serpent. Not only is it poisonous but it also spat flames and lava from its mouth. Im not sure which was more frightening to behold. Phoenix or the serpent named Kelone. When I started fighting Kelone, the fight was fair 1v1. As the fight went on, I realized she had far more health than the Hames and by now they have begun to join the fight against me. After nearly 10 minutes of swinging and slashing Kelone has fallen. Hidden in her coils was a Dragon Slayer sword. Now I also have a souvenir to present to Pandora for my first heroic deed.

Too be continued…