L 1.5 V4 maybe postphoned 1-2 hours

Zaj reported to us today in global the V4 rollout may be postphoned for 1-2 hours.

In the meanwhile Make sure you have download the V4 Client the v4 client so you can connect after the restart. If you all can please take a few minutes to …

  1. Log in after restart into v4 1.5 when it goes online (instructions on the front page of l15server.com on how to connect) and…

  2. While on the V4 Client can you please spend a few minutes doing and testing a normal hunt routine for yourself to try to get all the bugs (if any) noted for zaj can troubleshoot them. This includes all that you normally do. Hunt, Shops, Warps, Teleports, bookmarks. The more you test the smoother your move to the new client will be on release.

There is a known bug list in these forums you can add to that.

Thanks guys.

Get well soon Zaj.

Sorry to hear about that zaj. Could anyone confirm that the new client will indeed be delayed? Thanks and feel better.

He just came on global Frosty and did a chrome push. Delayed 1-2 hours.

Thanks for the update. Stuck at work but excited to hop on later for the update.