L1.5 Anniversary Event 2015 Part 1

It has been a eventful 6 years, its only right we celebrate it with another great event! Of course as it happens, the anniversary event is always such a big and crazy event that it takes a lot more time to create than most other events. That is why this event will be broken up into parts.

The first part is the return of last year’s Anniversary event, you can read the details about it here: http://boards.l15server.com/t/anniversary-event-part-2/165

Also to celebrate Independence Day there is a new item being traded for GC’s by the Event Trader Ives.

Independence Shield - 2015 : This limited edition shield is a costume item meaning it is boosted when under the influence of Nightmare Essence or the Halloween Event. You can see the boosted stats here: L1.5 : Independence Shield - 2015 [Custom Private Lineage 1 Server]

Other Bug Fixes
Equipment items that give spell items to your inventory no longer spawn multiple copies of the spell items in your inventory.

Last Logged in date for the clan manager is updated appropriately once again.

A few other small tweaks.

One Last little thing, some previews for the coming part 2 event:

The only hint I will give is that despite the timer shown in the screenshot, it is not an instance!

This event sucks, so far. Please hurry up with the donation event winners and rewards.

Also, you broke soul shots.

Nice runes bro - I can haz alphabet!

How about a little respect Lantao. I have to pay my bills and when donations don’t come in enough like how they were last month and the month before and I can’t afford to do that, I don’t exactly have the time to make the things you may want to do or enjoy.

I think the event as great as usual. Good work Zaj, your efforts are appreciated by the vast majority of the server. Only server worth playing and still continues to evolve in its gameplay and uniqueness.

Thanks for the event.