L1.5 Beta Testers wanted!

So the time has finally come for getting a good set of beta tests for the new client. I’ve put in a lot of polish and time into translations and tweaks to make things much better. I’ve also spent a lot of time fixing bugs and tweaking things to be as they should be. Now, I need you guys to connect to the test server and help me find any new bugs before i make the final installer for the new client and convert the live servers to requiring it.

You can download the beta client here: www.l15server.com/files/L15Beta.rar
Mirror: https://mega.co.nz/#!CpRyXZpK!OPMMFovWzKZbgOKOk4R0WTTuXgSrJUzsa3-7MQonXsw

You can extract the rar file using a free program called WinRar obtainable from www.rarlabs.com

Once WinRar is installed, simply right click on the L15Beta.rar and click Extract Here. Then enter the folder thats created when the extraction is done, then double click Login.exe (some people may need to right click login.exe and run as admin)

When choosing which server to connect to, ensure you are connecting to the L15 Test server and not the main server as the main will not work with this client.

Any Korean text you find throughout the client, bugs or things that don’t work that do work on the live server or any other issues, report on the beta boards located at http://boards.l15server.com/category/l1-5-discussions/beta-boards

If things go well, we may upgrade to the new client in as soon as a week. If things are a bit bumpy it may take until closer to the end of the month. The more bugs you guys find now though, the less bumpy it will be when it goes live on the main server.

If you have having connection problems with the test server, follow the guidelines here: Connectivity Issues


I’ve never done any beta testing before so I apologise for an noob comments/reports I make. Is there any specific method of testing or is me just playing the test server and watching for bugs enough?

you playing on it like normal and keeping an eye out for bugs, dummy texts or other things that seem off. Simply create a topic on the beta board here for your reports when you find things.

I would suggest instead of installing winrar you can get alzip which is a much more stable program that doesnt crash or have extracting errors nearly as much and will give you a free install key when you go to download and you do not have to register or pay like you eventually will with winrar.

You can get Alzip at http://advert.estsoft.com/?event=201010121143876

ALZip Free Serial Number: EVZC-GBBD-Q3V3-DAD3

WinRar works perfectly fine and you never have to pay for it. It just reminds you that you should pay for it occasionally.

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