L1.5 Guide - Custom Spells & Skills [contest]

Hey guys!, I uploaded a guide video to youtube covering the custom spells on our server.
This consists of reaper, and other class specific buffs. Feel free to check them out & if I am leaving out any important information, I can try to add into description.

Lineage 1.5 Custom Spells & Skills

Guide video for the L1,5 Servers custom spells & skills.

Server Website : http://www.l15server.com

Spell Guide : http://www.l15server.com/guides/items.html#spell

Additional Information :

All buffs & spells appear as items in your inventory, and can be equipped to a hot key. These cannot be traded, dropped, or sold.

All custom magic has separate cool downs from your standard lineage spells. For example : Mages using firestorm, can also use hurricane simultaneously, essentially doubling their AoE damage.

After becoming reaper or tiering up, all standard lineage spells need to be re-learned. However, all custom spells and buffs remain in your inventory.




Awesome video guide, very helpful for those who need to learn their reaper spells!