L1.5 Guide - Levels and Tiers [contest]

Hey guys, put together a guide covereing the level and tiering system on the server. Hopefully this answers some questions and combines useful information into one video. Important additional information included in description below video, as well as on this post.

Lineage 1.5 Guide- Levels and Tiers



Tier EXP Penalties :
As your increase in tiers, the EXP required to complete levels goes up. Essentially, at Tier 1 you receive 100% EXP. As your tier up, the percentage of EXP received goes down, making it harder to level up. Here I will use mage as an example for starting class.

Mage - 100% EXP
Tier 1 Reaper - 100% EXP
Tier 2 Mage - 25% EXP
Tier 2 Reaper - 25% EXP
Tier 3 Mage - 10% EXP
Tier 3 Reaper - 10% EXP
Tier 4 Mage - 7% EXP
Tier 4 Reaper - 7% EXP

With these penalties in mind, again to reinforce gaining stat levels, be sure if you plan on leveling to 115 to gain stat points, to do this during your T1 phase.

How to speed up leveling:
As a newer player trying to “catch up” to guys that have been on the server for years, there are a few tricks I use to try to maximize the XP i get for my time in-game.

  1. Keep an eye on events - on the l15server.com website there is a list of current events on the right hand column. Keep an eye on the EXP event, which can be increased anywhere from 1.0x to 3.0x (as high as I’ve seen). Take advantage to hunt during high event times to speed your leveling as much as possible.

  2. Potion of learning - these are sold at -giftmaster and cost 3 GC each. These potions increase your EXP gained by 50%, and last 8 minutes at a time. After taking one, you can type -buffs to see how much time you have remaining on this potion. This EXP bonus also works in conjunction with EXP bonuses from events. So you can easily turn a 3.0x XP into a 4.5x XP by using these potions. Remember they last a short time, so make the most of them!

  3. Princess Dolls - These dolls provide a 2.5% EXP boost each. Most characters will be able to equip 3-4 dolls at a time, and as your CHA goes up you can handle 5 or even 6. These use crystals to summon, which can most commonly be created by purchasing Two-handed swords at -warp 5 oren, and Solvents at -warp 8 TOI vendors.

4.Tier Ease - After progressing to Tier 2, you have the option to buy Tier ease at -giftmaster. T2 Tier ease costs 5gc, where T3 and T4 cost 7, and 9 GC. These last one hour, and decrease your EXP penalty for being at a higher tier. I almost ALWAYS use these to boost EXP, and they come in three different “doses”, mild, medium, and strong. These cannot be stacked on top of each other, but if multiple are used at once, the strongest dose will be applied.

  1. Halloween Event Items - As a new player your starting gear is one of the biggest limitations. By gathering some basic Items and spending a few GC, you can temporarily enchant these items to make your character much stronger and excel you through your initial levels/tier. The items you are looking for include : bone helmet, bone shield, bone armor, pumpkin sword. Additional Items that will work are the Hyrulian shield, pumpkin armor, and hyrulian master sword. By equipping these items, and visiting -giftmaster you can purchase “Nightmare Essence” for 5 GC, or a “Concentratated Nightmare Essence” for 20 GC. The difference is the amount of time these enchants will last. Normal is 1 hour and concentrated is 4 hours. By double clicking the essence, these items will become temporarily heavily enchanted allowing you to tear through monsters and power through your initial levels. While this method can become somewhat expensive, I believe it is one of the best ways for a new player to level up quickly.

Use of Elixir Tokens :
As stated in the video, your elixir tokens are extremely valuable and were hard earned. The debate on weather to save these to buy Ultrum Elixirs for yourself, versus purchasing Ultra elixirs and selling to players is not an easy one to answer. For a newer player, you can acquire some excellent mid-level gears by trading these to stronger players. However for players looking at end-game strategy, you may want to consider hanging onto these tokens to increase your own stats. The decision is yours, so choose wisely!

Gathering Keys for Tier 2-3.
Key to Forest - hunt orcs outside of -warp 6
Key to Wasteland - hunt monsters in wasteland at chaotic temple
Key to Island - Kill monsters on FI (Forgotten Island) by taking the boat. The boat dock is located near Heine, to the south east. The boat runs back and forth several times a day.

For Tiering to T4 : You need to gather both Upper and Lower Fragments of Creation, to turn in for Einhasads Box at SKT. It is important to note that this box has a high chance to fail, meaning you may have to collect multiple upper/lower fragments until you have success in crafting this item.

Upper Fragment of creation - gathered by hunting at FI. Most monsters here can drop this, however it is a lower drop rate making it a valuable item when you are able to gather one.

Lower Fragment of Creation - Gathered by hunting orcs at -warp 6 or ancient monsters by the chaotic temple. Also a low drop rate and valuable item.

I hope this guide has been somewhat informative and helpful. Any additional information is welcomed in the comments! Thanks and see you in-game!



Hi Frosty

T2 = 40% exp of T1 from memory

Also worth mentioning that while attempting to make an Einhasads box, there is a chance that it will fail. I think zajako said it was about 1 in 5 chance of success (but I could be wrong on rate)

Tis only 25% at tier 2.

I’d also mention that I strongly suggest using learning pots vs tier ease creams.

50% more exp vs the chance at Harry anything.

The high t4 cream only gives 30% more exp. and that’s HIGH. I personally think they are a rip off. If I wanna blast through exp and have GC to spend I’ll always opt for Learning Pots.

None of the other creams have been verified other then the 3 levels of t4 creams.

I don’t think the Potion of learning give 50% upon evnt boosts, only upon the normal exp ( if event are 3x you get 3,5x by using Potion of learning)

Thanks for the replies. Zaj if you could clairify if
the learning potion stacks or not I’d be able
to correct if needed. Thanks guys


All exp sxp dxp etc boosts are based only on the base amount which is 1x.

I was sadly aware of this long long ago the 1st I used scarecrow dolls when it was 2x sxp event. Only get the boost of sxp from a mops base sxp, not the 2x rate. Same goes for exp boosts.

Exp events do stack, but like was mentioned, they stack off of the base amount, not exponentially.

Also to clarify, you can use potion of learning AND tier ease both, they do stack.

Excellent Video and very well done on the details in the post as well!

I saw Allison in game looking for the written report as to the power increase in tiering up. I found it in my notes.

Tier 1 Level 1-115 start then Level 1-115 Reaper
(you don;t have to go to 115 you can stop at 100)

We’ll call this Tier 1 or Base Damage

Tier 2 is 50% Stronger than Tier 1
Tier 3 is 25% Stronger than Tier 2
Tier 4 is 10% Stronger than Tier 3

So Tier 4 is 85% Stronger than Tier 1

Hope this helps

Would be interesting to know if it is a cumulative bonus as my understanding of the above would be

Tier 1 would be 100%
Tier 2 would be 150%
Tier 3 would be 187.5% (+25% of tier 2 (150%) would be +37.5%)
Tier 4 would be 206.25% (+10% of tier 3(187.5%) would be 18.75%)

85% would be based on all of it being a % increase on tier 1 at each tier increase? Does that make sense or am I rambling ol.

the way that it was explained to me by zaj is t4 is 85% stronger than T1 it’s not cumulative.

Any list of Elixir Tokens for Tier/Reapering? Would be mucho helpful to everyone.

I think it goes as follows :

T1 Base Class -> T1 Reaper 2 tokens
T1 Reaper -> T2 Base Class 2 Tokens
T2 Base Class -> T2 Reaper 2 tokens
T2 Reaper -> T3 Base Clasd 4 tokens
T3 Base Class -> T3 Reaper 4 tokens
T3 Reaper -> T4 Base Class 6 tokens
T4 Base Class -> T4 Reaper 8 tokens


so if T1 do 100 dmg
T2 do 150 dmg (100x1,5)
T3 do 187,5 dmg (150x1,25)
T4 do 206,25 dmg (187,5x1,1)

correct??? that would be 206,25/100 = 2,065 ¨ 106,5 % more than T1


seems like there is allot of confusion on this.

Zajako can you spell this one out for the math geeks.

I am replying to this so hopefully a lot of the newer folks on the server can look at this post by Frosty to understand ways to level up. We, on global, weren’t blowing up your skirts with the advice we were giving you!