L1.5 Guide - Newbie/Return players MUST read [contest]

Zaj hosted a February Contest: Guide Creation event to motive most of us to create new posts to help players. I summarized the most helpful posts so it will be easier for players to read through.

L1.5 switched to a new client. Potentially this will may connection issues. You can find the solutions under the following posts.

  1. Connecting to L1.5 with Macs
  2. Connectivity Issues
  3. New Client and Color Modes

Starting Guide for New Players - This post offers basic knowledge of L1.5. Most of the time, Newbie should be able to find your answers here. Here is a good post MirrorMask put together.

Newbs: The Do’s and Don’ts - From a past Newbie mistakes. Learn from others to avoid the same mistakes by Breeze.

L1.5 Guide - Levels and Tiers - Everyone wants to know how to level fast. Here is a good post from frostyodin.

Customized Gears - This post gives you an idea what gears are important and what you should use

Customized spells - This post gives you an idea what customized spells are created in L1.5

31 All Stats Video - PLEASE WATCH THIS before you use any elixir, mid-exlier.

Return players:
Zaj has put in a lot of effort to make this game more interesting and changeling. Here are some new features Zaj added,

Pandora jewelry system:

  1. Pandora
  2. Pandora’s Passes
  3. Additional Pandora update

Tier 5 daily quest:

  1. The T5 Daily Quests - HighDensity Energy Stone(HDES) has three stage. Stage 1 requires 500 lvls, stage 2 requires 1000, stage 3 max level is 5000. Zaj will put in some reward (like ultra, t5) by turning in levels from the HDES.
  2. T5 Daily quest twist - instead of doing 7 spots and now we just need 5 spots

Thebes change - T1 & T2 has seperate Thebes. T3+ will get a boosted Thebes which is much more difficult to hunt (reward is slightly better)

Daily Instance Guide Videos by Papi - This shows you how to complete all daily quests

New enchant system for s80 - new scrolls are introduced so when the enchant fails, there is no -1

Enchant system for X gears - before you enchant your x gear, read this first.

New shop map - a bigger shop map has been created, so players can afk in different location.

Epic Fafurion - Epic Fafurion is finally here. Zaj made another epic dragon. Please see the link for detail.

Orcs/Wasteland/FI updates - Zaj has twisted these area and mops have more exp now. See detail in the link

Tier system & Tier Creams:
Tier Creams give an hour exp buff.
Tier System explains how to get to T2 & T3

2015 Saint Patricks Day - Mid March
2015 Easter event - This is the only event players can obtain bunny set. A bunny earring has been introduced in this year.
2014 Anniversary Event Part 1/2014 Anniversary Event Part 2 - Normally start in July
2014 Halloween event - Start in Oct


halloween event starts in October, anniversary event starts in July, otherwise a pretty great post!