L1.5 Guide - Weapon Procs No grades to S80 (Updated) [contest]

No grade

Cupid bow of love

Party love - Gives luck potion buff to you and your party member (need to be in party)
Love arrow - arrows are not needed; shoots magical arrow (pink)
Spark of Love - Single Target Stun proc

Evil Pumpkin Sword

Jack Slash - Single Target Damage proc
Evil Curse - Single Target Chance to paralyze attacking target

Smelling, The holey blade

Bite - Single target damage
Devour - Single target damage while healing yourself
Decay Potion - Single Target Debuff target with Decay potion (half hp restored from potions)
Impact Crater - Very high damage proc with a chance of silence debuff


Pearl Bow of Love

Party Love - 60 second Potion of Luck
Love Arrow - Magic Pink Pew Pew Pew Arrow
Spark of Love - Single Target Damage Proc w/ Slight Chance to “Shock Stun” a non-boss type monster
Mana Steal 1 - Steal 10-20mp per hit
Mana Steal 2 - Steal 30-45mp per hit


Soul Eater

Devistator - Single Target Damage proc
Knockout Blow - Single Target Stun proc
Soul Charge - Sxp Buff
Soul belch - Single Target damage proc
Ritual of the souls - Single Target Damage Proc

Vesper Staff

Seal of Silence - Unknown
Void - Unknown

Zajako’s Soul Blade

Incineration - Single Target Damage Proc
Erupter - Single Target Damage Proc
Extended Blade - Proc Becomes Aoe
Apocalypse - Aoe Damage Proc
.Chatban - Silence target
Power of illusion - Random illusionist Buff
.Kill - Single Target Damage Proc


Mana leak - Unknown

Khopesh of the Underworld

Critical Poison - Poisons enemy while crits

Blood Sword

Bleeding Strike - Single Target Damage Proc
Blood Rain - AOE Damage Proc
Wound - Single Target Damage Proc
Vampiric Fury - Single Target Damage Proc while taking huge hp steal

Blade of Zeus

Lightning - Single Target Damage Proc
Shocker - Aoe Target Damage Proc
Lightning blade - Single Target Stun proc
Lightning Field - Aoe Target Damage Proc
Static Charge - Single Target Stun proc with High Damage

Zaj Staff

Destroy - Single Target Damage Proc

Staff of Eden

Magic Seal - Unknown
Eden’s Touch - Deals damage and can poison and steal health from target
Mass Recharge - Refills self and nearby party members by a large amount of mana
Eden’s Intellect - Casts a self buff to boost INT by 5 for a short time

Zaj Bow

Laser Arrow - shoot magical laser Arrow
Dragon’s Grasp - Debuff Target’s attack damage
Stun Shots - Single Target Stun Proc

Fang of Destiny

Pure Crit - Unknown
BackSlash - Teleports Target to show back towards you

Heaven’s Fang

Fatal Strike - Single Target Damage 1/3 of Hp. Deals 3000 max to monster

Antharas’ Quill

Hallucinogenic Poison - Deals flat dmg + rand dmg + non Magic based “Crazy Poison” debuff
Blinding Cloud - Does flat dmg + rand dmg + Blind debuff
Grounding Vines - flat dmg + rand dmg + Paralyse debuff
Erupter - Single Target damage proc

Sacred Cross

Cheap shot - fires magical arrow (blue arrow)
fire arrow - fires magical arrow (fire bolts)
Arrow of Heavy Water - Single Target damage proc with slow debuff
Poison Tipped Arrow - Single Target damage proc with poison debuff
Silencing Soul Arrow - Single Target damage proc with silence debuff


Numb to All - Casts a self buff that adds stun resistance and damage resistance for a short time
Death Spike - Deals damage and steals health from target
Iron Maiden - Deals large damage and has chance to paralyze and steal health from targe

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power of illusion only works in party v.v

zaj staff has a few more procs :slight_smile:

Vamp Fury isn’t a proc. it’s just an upgraded version of Vamp Rage. It’s the best vamp rage in game. All other weapons pale in comparison to this…not that Vamp Rage really matters much anymore since you can get a Topaz Jewel.

there are a few here and there that are incorrect and some that are missing, but otherwise a really good list!

I will try to edit it and correct some of these when i have time, great post!