L1.5 Mass Unbanning


This weekend I will be performing a mass unbanning of ip addresses in an act of forgiveness for all past wrongdoings or issues.

Those who know me, know I don’t hold grudges. Often I tend to forgive and forget. For all but a few who were banned for cheating their items or possibly other specific issues, I’ll also be unbanning accounts, on a case by case basis. The start will be unbanning of ip addresses, which will take place with the restart this weekend.

If you are interested in being unbanned prior to this weekend, feel free to email me (zajako@gmail.com) your ip address and character name and I’ll get it unbanned sooner.

All players though are welcome back. If they become a problem after coming back, obviously they will simply be re-banned.

This is something I’ve considered for a long time and I’ve discussed it with the server and it is agreed that we need more competitive players. Many of you who were banned were banned while greatly upset and saying or doing things while your feelings were not under control. I don’t believe that most of these players would be a problem if let back onto the server and in fact they could help serve to keep things active and fun for the current players.

If this applies to you, please feel free to email me, or login to the server and pm me regarding your account being unbanned.

Also all players who have their characters/accounts unbanned will also be provided a free rename token to help reduce heat from returning to the game if they decide to use it.

Good Luck,
Have Fun,
GM Zajako

Will players that have been banned be getting their gear back that may have been deleted or auctioned off?

All IP Addresses will be unbanned.

Those who are coming back and want their old characters back can email or pm me and on a case by case basis I will unban characters. Most characters will be unbanned with a few exceptions, most of these are related to preventing items that were cheated from being released back into the server.

As for items that were auctioned off, those items were left on the original accounts to keep track of what they originally had, in case of events like this, where the account may be unbanned. This was also evidenced by the fact that every auctioned item was for a level 0 item. All but a few of these characters are able to be unbanned and they will be allowed to keep the items that are on the character. The reason for this is to ensure they are able to play when they come back and other players are able to enjoy playing with them. There hasn’t been a banned auction in nearly almost a year, so I don’t for see this to be much of an issue.

Anything deleted will stay deleted.

well i have one question for you the time you ban me you also delevel my gear 10 lvs every soulitem i had but then u gave acc back? but this guys got ban but they get everything back sxp items lv i had to lv my gear back up again is this fair or no?

The time I banned you, you were banned for exploiting. You were allowed back after exploited items were deleted and the punishment to levels of items was due to the fact that many batteries were exploited as well on top of the fact that no one involved reported the exploit and instead took advantage of it. Most of the people who were banned that will get their items back, were banned for things other than cheating/exploiting. Anyone banned for cheating/exploiting items will not be getting back any items that were obtained from this method. You were also only banned for a week or less while I figured out what to do with your account as well as the others involved. Also nearly all of these bans have been banned for over a year. Many of which for less offensive issues than what your temp ban was, so you really don’t have much room for complaint here.

But just to clarify again, any cheated/exploited items or items benefited from which, will not be given back to anyone. I’ve clarified this in both my original post and response to frosty, and now again here. In fact many of these such accounts will not be unbanned so much as the IP address unbanned so that they can make new characters.