L1.5 v4 Open Beta!

Starting today you are able to download the beta v4 client to help find the bugs so we can upgrade to this newer client for the live server.

The Download URL for the v4 beta client is below:

Once you have downloaded the file, extract it with winrar or any other rar extracting software then run Login.exe At the server select tab choose L1.5 Test to ensure you are able to connect to the test server. The L1.5 server button will not work with this client as it doesn’t yet support it.

It connects to the test server which uses a month old copy of the live database. So if you have changed your password in the past month, you’ll need to use your old password to connect.

Any bugs or issues create a new topic on the beta boards and describe very detailed how to reproduce the bug if you can. The beta boards are located here: http://boards.l15server.com/c/l1-5-discussions/beta-boards

If these tests go well, we will move to this new client this month. I’ll build an installer closer to ready to push it live.