L1.5 Version 3.0 Release

As many of you have heard, the new client that has been on the beta server for many weeks is ready for release. The official release date will be Tuesday, January 13th. At 9 AM EST the server will be brought down for updating. The estimated down time for this update will be between 3-4 hours. During this time the server may come up and go down while I’m testing and fixing things. A post will be made to clarify when the server is completely ready.

Originally the plan was to release on Monday, however due to problems with setting up the new installer, I wanted to give you guys more time to download the new installer and prepare your computers to connect with the new client.

You can be sure you are ready to connect by connecting to the test server after installing the new client. The test server’s database is based on the database from around November, this means if you have changed your password since then, you will need to login with your old password.

If you are having problems connecting to the test server or the live server after release you can check this guide to assist in trouble shooting your connection problem: Connectivity Issues

If you are on a mac you will need to install windows on your mac to be able to connect after Tuesday’s restart. A guide to installing windows on a mac is posted here: Connecting to L1.5 with Macs

Here are the download links for the new installers:

Web Installer
Description: This installer is a smaller file that downloads the actual game client from the internet seperate from your browser to provide a more stable connection for those who have issues with downloading large files.
Link: http://www.l15server.com/files/L1.5_Installer_v3.zip
Mirror: https://mega.co.nz/#!6wQhHIZB!4LVHT_eMjWzjiB3GGNitQxRG2vA0Zj6hkcQCceN8DSc

Single File Installer
Description: This installer contains the whole set of files self contained allowing you to download the whole thing through your download client or web browser.
Link: http://www.l15server.com/files/L1.5_v3_single.exe
Mirror: https://mega.co.nz/#!P05F2JKA!EZ5U4fCGfYsj7f5iN-jteSs-a_fEZWQq1t-kioFroxw

Some Mirrors will be uploaded as soon as I finish uploading the Single File Installer.

Once you have the game installed and tested working on the test server (choose L1.5 Test on the server select) then you are ready for the release on Tuesday.

I’m working hard to make this update as smooth as possible.

Good Luck,
Have Fun,
GM Zajako

I use the new software - and my keyboard does not work, hence I cannot log in.


Make sure you are running the client as administrator.

Also go into the properties and set compatability mode for windows 7.

Then fix your keyboard?


Errors have changed now.

KB works - but when I load the client, it chugs along at barely 1 movement per second. At the logon screen and in the game.

Tried various compatability modes, resolutions - no fix.

What windows version?

Windows 7 - x64 version

You should not have to use compat mode then. Just make sure to right click and run as admin

Makes no difference.

If I manage to get to the logon screen at all now - my Nvidia kernal driver just crashes. I suspect it is the culprit, although I never have an issue with any other game at all.

Any help with this Zajako?

Game either does not open in 1080 (just minimises), or opens if I force res lower, but chugs at less than 1FPS. Completely unplayable.

open the options and click display options change the to windowed mode at a smaller resolution and try

also you can try alt + f3 or alt + f2 to change window size. Alt + enter will toggle full screen.

Hi There GM Zaj! been having an error like this after i update the patcher error say " Can’t Execute TW13081901.bin…help please! thanks!

Make sure you’re running Login.exe as Administrator

Right Click and run as admin