Latest Reballance Does Not work

Zaj, I realize that you are trying to balance the classes. However, the latest nerf to mages, not sure what other classes have been effected, are totally out of line. I admit the the highest lvl mages, of which I am not a part (currently T5 but do not have T5 spells), may be very strong and some adjustments may have been in order, however, after yesterdays restart I was totally flabbergasted. OK, I can see balancing the classes in PVP, however, PVM (player vs Mop) has also been greatly impacted by the nerf after yesterdays (3/31/2017) update. I find that right now VT and several area attack spells (blizzard et al ) are almost useless. I find myself using pots to survive in the routine daily quests like you would not believe. I think you may have gone a little to far trying to balance the classes. Assuming the elf class has not been nerfed (elfs in pledge have not been on while I have as of late), this totally shifts the balance. Granted, PVP may have been slanted one way or the other but as of now player vs mop (PVM) is totally out of wack.VT is almost useless, might as well use chill touch. Blizzard, forget about it, it totally sucks now. What bothers me is the I have worked long and hard to build my character and stats to the point where I was able to hunt anywhere only to find that I am currently about as effective as I was as a T3 mage. Now I ask you, was this your intention or did things not go as well as planned. I sincerely hope the later is the case. Please respond.

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Some how magic damage stacking items and gears were making the magic spells exponentially stronger which was wrong? Apparently people could kill end game bosses in 30 seconds?

I’ve always thought pvm sucked and if this update has made it worse I see no point in playing mage anymore, a class I’ve geared up and loved playing since lineage began.

I’m not sure if 1 person was killing bosses that fast, but if it was 2+ I don’t see much of a problem with that.

One of the biggest complaints I’ve heard in global the last 6 months is mage being too strong in pvp. Why can’t MR be balanced to counter that? MR has been broken in l1.5 since I started here, over 5 years


Just noticed that the last reset removed the charge from Val event staff even if it was equipped. Explains a lot as to damage I was dealing out since I lost all the stats and bonus of a lvl 30 +19 staff. It was nice while it lasted but I guess it had to end sometime. Looks like I’ll have to finish leveling the real staff and see how I do compared to the charged event staff.

Can someone give a brief summary of the updates from yesterday’s restart?

No idea except dragon event weapons lost their charge.

no mage could kill an end-game boss in 30 seconds dunno where that came from. MR is working as it’s supposed to, 100 mr = 50% reduction to magic. Besides which, counter magic scrolls exist and are basically free, don’t get anything like that to block physical attacks with. All of the people that are complaining mage is overpowered in pvp are the people that don’t know how to pvp on this server

if I have 1400 MR. how much reduction to magic it should be?

If this is true and mages are finally the same strength as other classes I might look into coming back…
This is a step in the right direction if It is true.

I don’t know about 30 secs on dragon kills but I have seen it take about 2 min with 2 mages on it. Of course wearing all event gear and weapons which was greatly overpowered But super cheap to equip vs brave cookies.

if you have 1400 it’s 50% reduction, why should it be any more than that? Already more than what ac does

Yea, mage dmg is nerf.

Come back and fight us in siege lol

I don’t think this server works the same as the old Lineage servers (LoA, Dep, Ken) where 100% MR meant you get 50% reduction. I’m pretty sure MR is not expressed the same way here. I don’t think anybody, except Zaj, really understands MR except that the more you have the better off you are. I can tell you that there seems to be a difference between 100 MR and 500 MR. Either that or the scotch has started to kick in. One or the other.


As far as I have heard from zaj that is how it works here. Anything above 100mr either does nothing or is negligible

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OK, here are some facts. T5 lvl 83 mage, 44 base int without T5 spells. Change I had to make: I was using lvl 30 event Val claw event staff with no grade soul & spirit shot 24/7 and had to switch to lvl 23 +8 Val claw staff without the use of shots (too expensive to use all of the time). I have timed out on some of the daily instances so looks like I’m going to have to drop a notch to complete them. That sucks. But here is some interesting data regarding Head Librarian kill time. First, it took me ~ 60 seconds to end them using magic (mostly sunburst because VT is pathetic now) and melee. Same mop using melee and no magic took ~40 seconds. I did not have to use pots 1:1 with either but I did a better job maintaining HP relying on aquamarine than using VT. Seems to me like something is seriously wrong when a mage is more effective using melee than magic.

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Fact is magic damage has been cut by 60-70% across the board. Unless something changes mage will no longer be a viable class to play unless you’re a masochist. Damage being lowered due to a bug fix is understandable but this isn’t what happened here

Glad the dmg was nerf. you were still able to kill me in 2 hits with nerf magic dmg instead of one hit.

How many times do i have to tell you this shit? You die to me easily because you don’t use % damage reduction, easily possible to get over 80% here since zaj gave you pumpkin pie (doesn’t work against physical wow very surprising). Don’t complain about losing when you are just ignorant of the items that are available to you.

I can not kill any strong T5 player with 2 hits. So if you use the buff items to get 80% dmg reduction I would do a lot less dmg than yours.

Should I complain and ask Zajako to increase melee dmg?

Do you get my point now?

Why are you complaining when your magic dmg is still strong. And remember that mage debuff is still over powered like elf debuff

You can’t kill me in 2 hits because I have a lot higher health than you and the fact that I do use damage reduction on every fight, I don’t go to pvp half-assed like most of you seem to do, otherwise yes you would kill me in 2 hits. I’m complaining due to the fact that the nerf is unjustified, it wasn’t changed due to the fact that the damage isn’t working correctly. It was changed because I use all of the items available to me to my advantage and that seems to be perceived as mages being overpowered as a class when it’s just ignorance like I said.

Zaj has already given you pumpkin pie which is a ridiculous boost to pvp power, not to mention you can already block 50% of all my spells for basically free with cm scrolls.

Mage debuffs are not overpowered like elf debuffs, you can resist mage debuffs given enough mr which is available on many items. You can only resist elf debuffs with higher dex than the other player (level clearly doesn’t do jack since i’m the highest level t5 on the server and still get debuffed).

Zaj told me yesterday he’ll try to change the magic damage again on the next restart which might happen this week with the release of more event content

good mages are still op