Legendary Valakas Raid

[Legendary Valakas Raid]

A quick Legendary Valakas raid we did when we were bored. Better videos to come. Stay tuned.


Sparta #1

thanks for doing raid was fun too watch but ya had many mistakes ^^ i can tell an alot viewers also as well but we still did faster then ya even do your elf didnt use sb i hope he did so we can see how fast it is sb on that morph but is ok still a nice video good job ^^ bring more people in hehehe

we will make another video of the raid dont worry. this was just me nub and chuk bored with nothing else better to do. once we have everyone online at a set time and actually take the raid serious, it will be alot better and faster lol. the elf did use sb, and didnt shoot no where near as fast as u guys lol ^^

sparta #1

No way he was in sb at all nigga shot super slow and was walking slow as fuck too soo yea he had no sb

NIce video guys thanks for taking time to make it. :slight_smile:

Maybe you guys have -brave(super brave) with the actual superbrave potion, or chrstmas cookies. the xmas cookies and superbrave potion, would make you cdk walking speed in non cdk morph and super fast shooting when you are in the soul of dragon morph.

i have had to use sb and xmas cookies to complete some instances, and yes its thats fast.

Looking at clan rankings

Sparta #4

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Lol clan rankings are in no way indicative of clan strength

Well thats all I have to go off of.