Limit Break Levels Request List

Post a reply here with items you’d like to see limit break levels added for. Obviously X grade only weapons and armors.

If you are unsure what any of this means, simply don’t reply. This is not a discussion thread, just a request thread. So just list the weapon or armor you want to see expanded.

If you see a item you want to request, already posted, just like or heart the post for it.

I’ll consider doing things requested here sooner rather than later.

Antharas bow and Legendary Zajako Set.
Would also be nice to be able to craft LB devices XD


Valakas Bow, Zajakos Blade of Truth, Haunting Armor and crafting flames / upgrading rusted, faulty Devices.


Antharas Bow, Za Legendary set and basically all the dragon weapons. Upgrading Limit break
items to the blessed one.


Lightbringer, zaj guarder, all the Valentine t-shirts, haunting armor too!!!

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LB/Flames craft quest > All drag weap/2nd best X weap > Pa’ag TS > Lindvior gear


vala x bow legendary zajako gears


Vala dagger and Lind glove


Zaj earing and everything else people listed above.


How about Valas claw?

All of the legendary Zajako items have their limit Break levels in. Also Limit Break Crafting is finished.

I’ll do the next batch this week.

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We need flame crafting and dragon weapons done next.

All of the requested items have limit break levels now, except items related to Antharas, Lindvior and the Elemental Shirts.

These ones will receive their limit break levels when their next event comes.

If I missed something else not mentioned here, please let me know.

You forgot Blade of Truth?

I’ll try to add Limit Break Levels for BoT today

hey zajakp can romu the edos get limit break please :slight_smile:


yes, I’ll try to get this in asap


Still need LB stats for Blade of Truth and Romu

Zajako’s Hidden Blade, Sharanga, Bow of Halting, etc.

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Moral would be great too actually all the original x weapons - since there’s plenty of them someone’s got to buy this stuff

Edit: stats will need to be buffed plenty to compete with dragon weapons which anyone can now use

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