Limit Breaking Explained

As many people who have seen info about it in game know, there is a new system coming that will provide expansion to X grade weapons and armors. It will allow you to expand the level cap of your gear from level 30 max to level 50 40. This will allow for further evolution of weapons to XR grade. Here is the explanation of the system.

The Quest
To expand the max level you’ll have to limit break the X grade items. The primary quest for limit breaking involves gathering Termifract Ore of the color you need for your weapon and turning it into a Termifract Flame via an NPC.

Once you have a Termifract Flame of the appropriate color for your X grade item, you can use it by double clicking it then selecting the item you want to limit break. It will then take the highest level of the same kind of item from your inventory and absorb it. Depending on the level of the item, it will extend the level cap randomly either by 1 level or 5 2 levels. If the item is level 30, it is guaranteed to expand the level cap by 5 2.

Here is an example:

I have 2 Level 30 Zelin’s and a Red Termifract Flame.
I use the Termifract Flame on the first one.
The 2nd one is destroyed, however the first one can now be leveled up to level 35 32.

This can be done 3 4 more times to make the level cap up to level 50 40.

The level stats for these levels past 30 are based on the weapon type different for each item and a chart for each will be shown later.

Related Items

Red Termifract Flame - This is for Triggering a Limit Break on weapons
Red Termifract Ore - This is for crafting Red Termifract Flame
Green Termifract Flame - This is for Triggering a Limit Break on armours
Green Termifract Ore - This is for crafting Green Termifract Flame
Purple Termifract Flame - This is for Triggering a Limit Break on accessories
Purple Termifract Ore - This is for crafting Purple Termifract Flame
Limit Break Device - When used on a X grade item it has the chance to increase the level cap by 1, these can be used on items that are very difficult/impossible to obtain a copy of like legendary dragon weapons.

Updated 1-19-18

Progress is coming along on the underground hunting zone which will contain the quests and such for this system. I wanted to give an update on the steps required for moving forward.

  • Step 1: Set up a new type of tester tool for the new stats Penetration and Resilience and Test in game
  • Step 2: Assign these values to the monsters that will be spawning in the new zone
  • Step 3: Release the quest items and quest npcs into the game
  • Step 4: Add level data for all X grade items

I’ll be doing a restart this weekend that will finish step 1. While testing throughout the week I’ll be working on Step 2 with the results from the testing. Step 2 & 3 may be able to be released together with the next restart after the step 1 restart.

Step 4 will require time and will likely be performed over multiple restarts with each restart releasing groups of X grade items stats.

My original plan was to have the benefits of limit break be done by equipment slot, which means it would require much less time to implement but items would become less unique. This is not desirable so I shall instead put in the extra time and release the weapon’s levels in chunks.

As for procs for these new levels being added to each weapon. My plan is that each weapon will get 1 new feature(proc or spell or whatever) at level 40. The stats that are added will also be very strong compared to normal level ups. At level 40 these weapons should all feel a lot better.

Updated 1-21-18

I have edited the top part of this post with the more recent decisions on how I plan to implement the system. The shift in max level from 40 to 50 does not shrink the amount of power added to the items, just condenses it from requiring 20 levels to obtain to 10. This also required changing the amount of levels added from limit breaking from 5 to 2.


Is it safe to assume crafting X grade armors will still remain nearly impossible? If that’s the case when will people make XR level 50 sets? In 2025?

I’ve been playing since before crafting X grade items came out and have crafted 3. Even with that Halloween area you can teleport to from picking up candy the amount of time needed is absurd. That area is a good idea, but if more then 1 person is in there at a time the amount of drops you can get are low. And the amount of drops you/everyone actually needs are even lower. Not talking about osculation crystals …

X-Grade crafting has been something that people have griped about since the crafting items were taken out of the Green Vitality Boxes. (Which were supposed to rotate items, but never have since. That’s a whole other post that I could get into.)

Anyway… any chance crafting and X-Grade drops will be increased? Something like x10 better drops would be a start.

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Seems a bit weird that the stats will be based on the item type and not each item separately. Depending on the power difference/rarity of the item could end up better to make a 2nd/3rd current best item lv50 instead of the 1st.

Going with what allison said, some gear is just so unrealistic to get a copy of let alone multiple and I cant imagine it’ll be easy to get limit break device x20

Hopefully you have got these issues covered and will see how it goes.


Also, don’t forget the good old magic l1.5 word of “chance” is in there with the Limit Break Device. We all know what that means…

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Would love to see the exact stats that will be added for the additional levels based on type of weapon. Need this to determine which weapon to increase.

The design of it being based on type will make what most consider “worthless” X grade items valuable. The original stats and abilities from 1-30 will still be there, which will still make the better X grade items even better at level 50.

Also by doing it this way it will allow me to develop this system and release it all at once rather than having to do it with each item 1 at a time and releasing them in chunks.

As for the Limit Break Devices, yes they will be rare and yes it is a chance. I have not decided all of the ways to get this item yet or if there will be a way to craft it directly.

Someone mentioned on the boards recently about making lower end bosses more worthwhile to hunt. Adding this, along with other XR mats as a chance to drop would do just that. At the same time it would give newer players (basically anyone that’s not t5) a chance to potentially obtain something of value that they could sell or trade to people needing them. Hellspawn on 1f UG, bapho, DK, cerenis, ken Rahul, caspa, tombs bosses, are just a few that come to mind.

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Well I must get cracking. Need 4 more Lind bows!


But if the stats are high enough on lv50 ‘worthless’ items that they become better than lv30 dragon gear for example, would be weird to start farming for currently weaker gear because of how unlikely it’s going to be to have multiple end game items.

Given enough time sure the end-game lv50’s will be strongest but by the time anyone has it I’m sure new gear will be out by then and I for one don’t really wanna farm 5 copies of every piece of X gear that comes out.

Just think it would be better to come up with a different way of doing it imo

It’s easy to suggest there should be a better way of doing things, but much harder to actually come up with a better solution. This solution is the result of a long time of brainstorming at the best way to move forward with gear development.

I also have decided one of the ways to get the Limit break devices, will also require X grade items. Allowing people who have dragon weapons a way to start preparing as well.

Well if it didn’t require same copies of items then it would be a level playing field across the board as rarity of items does not come into play.

Worthless X items should just be made better rather than having to be levelling a shit item to make it good eventually lol

It shouldn’t be a level playing field. Better items will be more work to make them stronger, as they will be much stronger as an end result.

This system does make the weaker x items better. Anyways this is not a debate thread this is a thread announcing something I’m working on for you guys. If it doesn’t make you excited that new content is coming, then just keep it to yourself, as negativity makes me not want to work on anything for the server.

No matter what you do, he will try to find a way to chime in and complain.

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Ok we’ll just see how it goes then : )

Goodluck to anyone with semi-rare items

I just want you all to know I will be leveling the shit out of haunting guarders. Since they are a cheap X item that can be leveled w/o some of the absurd sxp amounts.

But will a level 50 x guarder be better then a lv 30 Zaj guarder? Hah! I could be wasting my time.

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Gonna depend whether it gives % boosts or just raw stats etc. Some items are never going to be replaced like dragon bows because of their effect

Ty Zaj, you guys shoild not be complaining about any new content…ESPECIALY when there are no specifics yet…

Looking forward to new content…

Not all new content is good for the health of the server and considering the main player base here consists of long time players you are foolish to not put your opinion in on something that will affect the game in a major way.

With the current state of the game I would rather zaj be working on balancing and bug fixes rather than introducing new things that can potentially put balance out further than it is now but when new content is coming out it’s in my best interest to have it be fair for everyone.


Limit breaking is exactly aimed at long term players for people who have leveled their gear and would like to keep improving it