Lindvior Weapon Event

Legendary Lindvior Weapon Event has started. These are the weapons that the Grand Prize Winner of the Fall/Winter donation event will get to choose from. The details of the Fall/Winter donation event will be posted later this month, but all donations starting from September 1st until the 28th of February count toward the drawing.

You can obtain these weapons by talking to Ives in Valhalla (-shop command in game) for 40 GC each. You can also obtain Dragon Enchant Scrolls which can be used to quickly level up and enchant the weapons.

Event Period

  • From December 21st through March 1st

Event Details

  • Event versions of the Legendary Lindvior Weapons are obtainable from Ives in -shop

  • Event Weapons can be enchanted via Dragon Weapon Enchantment Scrolls

  • DWES apply to the currently equipped dragon weapon and have a chance to add +1 Level and/or +1 enchant or can fail and add nothing.

  • When event ends these dragon weapons will be greatly reduced and strength and no longer provide the dragon buff items until next event period, without the use of Lindvior Essence potions.

Weapon Details

  • All weapons when equipped in “Event+” status (during event or with essence potion) will provide an item to cast Lindvior’s Blessing

  • This buff adds Crit Damage and Crit Rate and also prevents slow from being cast on you.

Lindvior’s Lightbringer - Crossbow

  • Spine Shot - Damage Proc
  • Lightbringer Bolts - Magic arrows
  • Arrow Rain - Damage Proc
  • Soul of Dragon - buff which polymorphs your character into the ultimate bow morph
    • This bow morph increases damage the farther away you are from the target.

Lindvior’s Leverage - Sword

  • Leeching Winds - HP and MP Steal with every hit
  • Blade Flury - Damage Proc
  • Lindvior’s Phantom - High Damage Proc
  • Lightning Speeds - Buff that causes soul damage to deal twice as much damage

Lindvior’s Caster - Wand

  • Provides Lightning Blast spell that can be cast by a spell item. High Damage small range aoe spell.

Lindvior’s Lament - Two Handed Sword

  • Leeching Winds - HP and MP Steal with every hit
  • Air Burst - Damage Proc
  • Lightning Rod - High Chance Damage Proc
  • Air Spikes - Buff that causes 10% of incoming damage to be reflected back on the attacker

Lindvior’s WingSpur - Dagger

  • Un-Released

 Dragon Weapon Enchantment Scroll - Item

  • Applys to currently equipped dragon weapon
  • Has a chance to add +1 Soul Level to the equipped dragon weapon
  • Has a chance to add +1 Enchantment Level to the equipped dragon weapon
  • On fail it simply does nothing.
  • Max enchant level is +20
  • Max Soul Level is 30
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