Lineage 1.5 Anniversary Chip


Can you check out the chip, specifically the +magic damage boost. We have one at 40% 11/22/2016 and from some simple magic tests w/ the lvl 1 dummy in town I’m doing nowhere near 40% extra damage.

test 1 doing 5 rounds of announced damage:
hitting + vt w/ 40% chip = 415k
hitting + vt w/o chip = 366k

test 2 doing 5 rounds of announced damage:
vt only + 40% chip = 388k
vt only w/o chip = 352k

test 1: 13% more damage w/ chip
test 2: 10% more damage w/ chip

I would take this all w/ a grain of salt if the results were anywhere near 40% extra damage, even 25%-35%. But since it’s vastly different I was wondering if the multiplier was off, or if there is some other reason that the damage would be so greatly less then advertised.

The main reason I inquire is I was hunting w/ the chip off, then on and then it wore off and I never noticed any difference.

I think the chip only multiplies base damage and not total but yes the boost is very negligible as it is.

Would also like to hear from Zaj on this