Lineage 1.5 Valakas Raid Clan Code

Clan code fucked the shit out of the led valakas.

Enjoy the video.


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Lmfao 2 elves and both standing in melee range half the time, good shit guys

Cool video enjoyed watching it

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Awesome! Nice job, and nice video. Looks like a great tactic for elves. He cant make up his mind lol.

Soo I heard a lot of people complaining about code video we just doing what zaj ask to do raid and record it to get more players to the server and no I didn’t cheat that’s not speed hack is super brave with the Vala bow morph it make it looks soo fast if you guys use it you know what I am talking about. I would think people will actually like the video instead of complaining I would like to see nub made a video would love to see how he solo it that would be interesting for sure :grin::grin::grin::+1::+1::+1::+1:

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Sbrave with cdk bow morph does not shoot that fast bud

Whatever you say dude I know what I did soo I don’t give a shit what you say your not even a fucking elf soo how the fuck you know that do you even use the bow with sb? Nah right

Elf is my subclass lmfao…welcome to T5

Hell i don’t even need to play elf to know, it’s not hard to buy antharas bow, proc dragon morph and pop superbrave

True lol then go do it soo you can see the speed :grin:

why so angry inj ``;

I do believe it is insanely fast. As soon as I get on and go into the morph, i will pop a super brave, but I do recall it is super quick but the timer isn’t very long.


I use cookies they last 5 minutes

Not angry bro just annoying people judging the video we did that’s all I just want more players haha

The Christmas Cookies? The Pumpkin Pie that shows up on Val store is nice too.

Have you tried elf with superbrave and triple? that shit is OP

Injection only using lightning to attack with? Classic 60% dps loss move love it

Best move on mage only shit worth using on a mage

Broadcasted Live on
Channel Fawx907

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Yeah just shows how little you actually know about mage lmao