LineageHD OpenBeta Event

So as many of you know and many others are finding out, we have a NEW HD Remastered Lineage client! I’ve been working on translating and recoding the server to work with this new client since December. Its finally getting close to push it to live, (forcing everyone to update to this new client to connect to the server). However, it is still not quite ready. There are bugs that need to be found so that way the experience when it goes live is a positive one, not a bumpy dev hell.

To get things tested and on the right track for an October release, We’ll be having a beta event where you can earn rewards on the live server, by playing the test server!

How to Connect

Follow the download and instructions here: Open Beta Connection Guide. Should be pretty easy to download and install as the connector does most of the heavy lifting.

Event Details

The test server has had its player base wiped for this event, So that everyone starts on the same foot. The progression of players on the test server will reward you on the live server when the new client goes live.

There are also some things that will be synchronized between the test server and live server. More on that below.

There are several types of rewards that will be given out for this event. To get the rewards your test server character must be on the same account and character name as your live server account. They fall in these categories:

  • Tier Rewards - Rewards for reaching a certain tier on the test server for each character.

  • T5 Level Rewards - Rewards for reaching milestones on your T5 Character and Subclass

  • Character Rankings - The Top characters on the test server at the end of the event will receive bonus rewards

  • Issue Bounty - For issues reported during this event that are not duplicate, you’ll receive some items on the test server to help you progress.

Server Sync Features Added

To ensure the live server and test server are able to function together rather than separate entities, there are some features that were recently built to bridge the two servers. They are as follows:

  • Donation Sync - When you donate on the live server, Gift Coins, happy buffs and pandora passes are delivered to both the test server and the live server.

  • Voteing AA Sync - When you vote on the top sites at, you get ancient adena credits on both servers as well.

  • Global Chat Sync - When you chat in global on the live or test server, both servers will se it. [L] shows up if the message is from live server and [TS] shows up if its from the test server.

The rewards for the categories listed above will be posted soon, in their own threads and linked to from here.

I get stuck after re-installing the HD installer at the Downloading Game Files step? Shows Step Progress 0/31 while downloading It doesn’t seem to be doing anything; it only says the Current File: is 100% but does nothing else.

This is fixed by running as admin.

HI this is the error every time. I download it works and you see file number changing 12 to 100 percent but unlike before no file names just the numbers change of percent of download, then when you try and start it then it say this error. Thanks

Try following these:

Hi thank you for your help. I also noticed something maybe helpful it seems unless you delete the folder of lineage hd completely after you uninstall then the same problem occurs time and time again. So besides these things you mentioned if you have issues and you uninstall it make sure the folder is complete deleted. If not the game thinks the files are there and up to date. Once I removed the folder and started fresh again then now I see the download working right. I also noticed seems that if you do not set up admin before you click to finish the installation of files of the lineage set up wizard it will do the same. So it is tricky because most people would just click finish set up when wizard asks you to. So if you do and then if it does not work then fix as you suggested is to do this admin. However it seems once you see wizard to finish the install by then after that it still wont work right. Only works right if you before click on the finish the set up wizard to launch the game of the rest of the game install that this program is set always as run as admin then works once you click on to agree to finish the wizard. Windows is always odd LOl, anyway if anyone have issues like me that seems to help by doing these things. I am not sure if it is going to work but seems correct so far.