Live Auction Rules

Bidding Rules
The current bid will be announced in Teamspeak in the auction channel. To hear the current bid amount you will need to be in this channel.

To make a bid you will send a pm in game to Zajako of your bid amount or you may use teamspeak’s private chat to send a message to zajako that way.

Offline Bids
If you would like to make a bid on one of the top 10 items on even though you are not gonna be able to be online for the auctions. Send a private message of the amount you would like to bid, as well as the name of the item via private message on these boards to zajako (or email today before the auctions begin. Offline bids will be considered in the bidding at the discretion of zajako and if won will be liable to pay via gift coins according to the rules on collecting the winning bids.

Rules for collecting winning bids
If you are found as a winning bid for an item in the auction, you will be required to give the amount of the winning bid to zajako within 7 days of the auction ending.
To give the gift coins simply place them on your character (not warehouse or pouch) and send a pm or email to zajako letting him know you are ready for them to be collected. You will then have the amount taken and your winning item delivered to your character.

What if the winning bidder does not pay after seven days? Does the item go to the next lowest bidder?

Possibly, as well as putting the person who skipped out on paying in a place that is risking their account. If for some reason you are not able to make the gc contribution that was promised when bidding, within the reasonable time frame outlined here, you’ll need to contact me to work up a solution.