Low-grade pouch bug

The low-grade pouch purchased in -shop is worsening AC by 10 rather than bettering it by 10. I assume this is in error.

This is not an error to my knowledge, bags are bulky and large! I believe the big pouch? Does not have this effect

Well, the item description in game says AC 10+0, just like any item that benefits your AC, so I don’t find your answer compelling.

if it was bettering your ac it would have a negative factor, like -10 ac. The lower your ac is, the better it is. So all the pouches add to you ac count, making it worse, not better.

;Right, but the game convention is to list the negative to AC as a positive value in the item description. This is true of all items that improve AC. Therefore, if the pouch is truly intended to harm AC, it should litst the AC as -10-0

nope, anything that adds positive ac, makes you weaker. It is as designed but can be easily compensated by enchanting your other gear.

You’re ;missing my point. The pouch mouseover description indicates it should improve AC by 10. I spent GC on it, and it doesn’t do what it advertises. I never would have purchased it if I knew it was going to penalize my AC. I don’t even wear it.

The description indicates it adds 10 ac. You don’t want that. You want it to subtract 10 ac to be a positive effect. This is how Lineage 1 and D&D designed the stat armor class, aka AC. pick your bone with them, not me.