Luck Enchanting Stats

Posting some of my results from enchanting. Ended up with around 30% enchant rate… Blew waay too much gc on shilen/paag shirt so I ended up rerolling my luck for the first time on this server from all the disappointment, before making LBD. Hopefully this helps someone lol.

Luck items:

lvl 30 Famine earring (+14 cha)
cha ammy (+11 cha)
Vampire Cloak (+5 cha)
+14 lvl 30 Shilen Shirt (+3 cha and +40% enchant, should be +25 cha, shirt does not give any bonus cha)
cha sword (+31 cha)
new years celebration pin (+1 cha)
L1.5 chip (+3 cha)
Lvl 2 emerald (+2 cha)
Crown of loyalty (+4 cha)
Lvl 2 onyx (maybe gives luck?)

Navy helm (+16 cha)
Navy armor (+16 cha)
Navy boots (+16 cha)
Infinity Gauntlet (+14 cha)
Independence day shield (+13 cha)

lvl 30 luck belt (used luck buff)
x2 luck rings,
Luck guarder
Luck Pot
Nightmare Essence
Christmas Buff (does this give any luck?)
Sky Castle Buff (+25 cha)
Did my enchanting in Oren (idk luck spots)
x6 Green fire eggs (+60 luck total)
x2 Ellie’s magic doll (+10 luck, +6 cha total)

50 Base Cha
258 total Cha

I came out to around 30% enchant rate for almost everything including stones, I did a lot more than this but this is what I remember.

6/17 Holy Crystals (on XR weapon)
3/9 Protection Enchant Weapon (starting at +6 on XR weapon)
20/28 Dark Stones (on X armor)

Rolled my luck twice, both decreased.
Rolled my luck twice, both increased.

Made 9 Blessed LBD (209 Rusty[2 Blessed] / 6 Faulty[7 Blessed])