Mage debuff bugs

I think there is a bug with some mage debuffs, the caster wont become pink when he uses DK pot and silence spell on someone.

Just letting you know

good luck zajako

Gee, pretty sure I already reported that flagging issue when you where narking on elf debuffs as well as Slay did. Those are not the only 2 spells that don’t flag you. Read posts fully.

yea its in the thread you started about me

yea, pvp will be more fun when it s balanced. lazy player should not be over powered.

LOL, sounds like you are complaining that “Sparta is cheating” again even though we all know TOG have taken advantage of that same flagging “issue” themselves.

13 hours ago… seems about the time ToG was getting RAPED hard in Thebes.

Graped, sorry. My bad.