Mage spell damage question

Does anyone know how to work out the spell damage? ie. For 100 INT and 100 SP Mage, what’s the base damage for spell? I have been working on my gears and stats for a while. But I don’t see much difference before and after. My physical damage is around 300-400, and VT is an around 1200, SB is around 700-800. Is that normal for T1? I see other T1 ppl are doing a lot more damage than me. Even knight can do more spell damage than me. It doesn’t make any sense. Maybe my character was cursed…

What are ur equipments and stats?

i think only zaj can forumlate this. unless you wanna damage test hours on end with different combinations of items and buffs.

its really hard to tell because most damage tests are done on a dummy or castle tower, which are basically t1 with no ac no dr no mr no nothing. so it wouldn’t all that accurate for hunting purposes.

all i know is, wear max int/sp items with spirit shots on and blast the holy hell out of monsters with VT, FS and shadow burst.

Thanks Alli, I figured out why. I was only using pumpkin sword and bone set, where the other guy is having hyrulian set. That will make huge difference