Mage Tier 5 Quirks

I recently went tier 5 and chose mage as my subclass. My main is Dark Elf, which as you all know is a dumpster fire.

I am leveling OK, but I’ve come to notice that most areas I was breezing through as a Tier 4 Reaper are harder and more annoying as a Tier 5 Mage.

For starters, mage is grossly under matched for 1v1 combat. The new areas, Sky Land, Sky Gardens and the 3 floors of the underground are all 1v1 monster areas. As a mage it takes me forever to kill enemies. The weapon of choice is Vampire Touch…1 spell that is used at least 75% of the time by mages and reapers of all tiers.

I used to use Shadow Burst which come to find out is a Reaper only Spell (BOOOOOOOOOOOO) it was single target, didn’t’ cost much MP and had really long range.

Speaking of long range magic spells…mage has 0000000000000. Literally 0 they can use. I tried erupt, destroy (god damn the delay is horrible and makes the spell useless) lightning, sun burst, cone of cold. All these spells can only target like 4 cells away… wtf good is that when ranged monsters can hit me from nearly off the screen???

Now I know there is the t5 mage spell, but that doesn’t address the fact that spells have nearly no range. It also doesn’t address the fact that it takes FOREVER for a mage to 1v1 monsters using…once again…VT or (i was told erupt is better?) but i haven’t damage tested it at all. I would think they are probably the same or close to it damage %.

Can some of these issues be addressed? Enabling Shadow Burst seems like the easiest solution that could start to help mages. Also…can this be boosted w/ the t5 Mage Skill too?

T5 eruption is 50% more damage than vt and has about 3/4 screen range but yes I’ve already talked to Zajako about these problems so shrug

Also Sky/Sky gardens are aoe enabled but the monsters have so much hp it’s never worthwhile to try without using T5 meteor strike, don’t think mage is supposed to aoe on this server :stuck_out_tongue:

I was considering doing Mage as my t5 subclass - my main is Knight. Would you say you wish you had went to elf instead of mage at this point, Allison?

Can’t say I know much in the way of you finger wigglers and such. But wasn’t Spirit Blast s’pose to be a top notch single targer decent ranged spell? What happened to that?

That is reaper only.

I don’t regret mage. It’s always been one of my favorite classes and I already had a bunch of arch wizard and sayha x shirt. So I was more setup to do mage.

I know most people do elf tho. There are so many monsters that are weak to range. And honestly it seems like every new monster introduced either stands far away or 1-2 cells away. So for a melee or mage they are constantly having to walk up to a monster to kill it the entire time the monster has advantage by hitting u first.

Lately I have been using sun burst as an alternate spell to VT. The range is complete shit on that spell, but it doesn’t matter much cuz I have to walk up to everything anyway.

VT is the highest damage single target spell for non-T5 characters, no advantage to use anything else unless you’re worried about lawful just so you know