Maigc doll creation

Where do you go to create magic dolls?

Most dolls are not craftable. But the ones that are are created by doing the doll quest in Gludio with Arka, who is next to the tele NPC. You need 1 of each of the following items to craft a doll bag: Seal of Victory, Skeleton Grail, Spices of the Castle Chef and Rare Turtle. The dolls are random from the bag. The dolls you can get are: Princess, Bugbare, Succubus, Werewolf and Ninja. You can also craft dolls at -arena with the NPC Ticket Store. From her you can either get items to make a bag with Arka or you can get the following dolls: Princess, Bugbare, Succubus, Werewolf, Ninja, Elder, Stone Golem, Sea Dancer and Crustacean. You need Fun Land Tickets to get these dolls which you can get from doing -arena pvp and the Haunted House in Gludio. Other dolls can be purchased from players, or from Frintezza’s Doll Merchant in Aden near the dog kennels. Good luck.

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thanks for the help!