Making party more interesting!

Here a suggestion for making party hunt a bit more interesting for players,
As we know very well, we spend many hours alone in our corners of the map, grinding and grinding.
When we see an other player around taking our mobs… ARRR!
So to counter this situation and to promote friendship, having a party Exp or SXP bonus would change the whole game!
Making it much more fun, and avoiding people getting frustrated or unhappy so see other player around.
Changing all this into being glad to see someone come around and hunting together and getting a bonus from it!


I have noticed that u have changed party exp bonus from 10% to 25%.
Thanks for changing it, cant wait to see the in-game result!

Not only is that changed you also get more exp if you have a royal in your party and the royal is the party leader and also the sxp party bug has been fixed.

Also fixed is you need to have you party partners on screen for then to get any exp or sxp from the kills. If they are not on screen you get the full exp or sxp.

Before this restart none of the exp was working and sxp would get divided no matter if your party member was on screen or not.

This combined with Clan SiN abilities will make party hunting viable.

Possible update in future is even more exp / sxp if you party has all clan members.