May the 4th be with you and Cinco De Mayo Events!

New Event Items

These limited edition items have been added to the Event Master Ives located in Valhalla :

Lightsaber - 2015: This new weapon to celebrate May 4th is so that the 4th May be with you forever and always. This handy weapon can be boosted with the nightmare essence and has the chance to proc turn undead. Whats more is each time you attack it also makes awesome sounds!

Cinco De Mayo Maracas - 2015 - This fun weapon makes sounds as you beat your enemies senseless to your own tune! It has a safe enchant of 20 so you can let your scrolls soar to the tune of your favorite song.

Other Fixes
Party Exp Bugs fixed
Some high exp mobs had their exp slightly reduced
Some mobs had their exp increased
AOE styled melee weapons have been rebalanced
Cloak of Warrior, Magi and Cleric now are A grade to prevent issues with broken charaters

Awesome news about the AOE melee weapons!

Could be a bad rebalance tho :stuck_out_tongue: