Missing topics and info

After talking to Zaj he suggested me to make a post about topics or information that are missing in this boards so that everybody have the chance to read about them. Please take the time to add any topics or information that you think are missing or that you would like to clarify for the rest.

I will start with the following:

  • Acceleration elixirs: they are meant to let a player use points of higher levels that the player hasn’t achieved.
  • Stats: I think that a post or a guide is missing about how to “do” or “fix” player stats. I’ve explained this to at least 5 players in detail (mostly new players) because they don’t know how that works in this server.
  • Halloween- and Nightmare-land: Zaj has just told me the link to the past event in the old forums and that he will repost this for the new 2014 event. Here is the old link: http://www.l15server.com/messageboard/threads/264-Halloween-Event-2013

I hope this post is useful for everybody and people keep adding stuff.


  • The following commands work as follows:
    -self is the new -fix (works to debug invisible mops)
    -bufflist shows the currently active buffs
    -soulinfo allows the player to see all the soul items and it experience that he is wearing at the moment
    -weapon shows the current weapon soul experience and more information.
    -doll shows the power dolls experience

I would also like to make a suggestion, this has been said many time but I think that this is important for many people and would be worth doing:

Make it to be able to toggle the items a person wants to sxp. This would be good for everybody and would make it much easier for new players to get stronger faster.