MMA Gear Limited Edition Items

Event Details

Tomorrow, former player JDW has his first official MMA fight! We are an official sponsor for his fight. Show your support by buying tickets and getting some in game swag!

Get your MMA Gear before its too late! The fight is on August 3rd after 1PM EST you can no longer buy a ticket for it!

Countdown Till Fight

MMA Items

MMA Gloves - 2019

MMA Shorts - 2019

How to get them:

  • You’ll get mma gloves for each lawn ticket purchased
  • Pants for each PIT ticket purchased
  • Both for each box seat purchased

To get them, order tickets using this link:

[ ] Make sure that the reffered by fighter says jeremiah wilson
[ ] For the customer information, use James Covey for the name so that I can obtain the tickets
[ ] If you are gonna be in Ohio on August 3rd, you can put your own name, so you can come watch the fight
[ ] After doing so, send me a pm or email with your ticket claim pdf link and I’ll send you the items.

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