MR and Elemental Resistance Q's

on MR% :
is 100% MR the best needed ? I can get myself to 100+ MR but does it matter ?

on Elemental Resistance:
I noticed that some mops hit way hard ! even with 100%MR (ex. the CoC from Island Salamanders in -w8) … so I’m wondering is it more important to trade high MR for the Elemental Resistance (Water in -w8 Sala example) ?

ty in advance !


As you get better gear (Epic S80 & X armor) you’ll have MR well over 500 (not sure if the max is 600 as with mobs) and it really makes a difference.

Oh wow ! ok, ty Breeze … I’ll concentrate on keeping MR up and not worry about hunting element rings and such 8)

Yea you’ll want 400+ mr for sure. Even then monsters that use magic will kick your ass hard. I2h and evasion scrolls are your friend.

Most stat specific X gear has 0 mr, like Fear or Mother Tree etc. so you will need to supplement with the other slots. One of the bad thing is unless you get a dragon cloak ($$$$) you are stuck with a magi or warrior cloak FOREVER which has -mr.

As for elemental mr I don’t notice much difference between 100+ and 0. But adding stones to armors is never a bad thing I guess. Especially during valentines event where stones drop quite frequently from wands

wow ! really ? ok, thanks Alli !! I been blow’n Bcomr’s like crazy … got a +7 so far and with all my MR gear on i get to 170ish and still hold -80AC (w/scroll and food) … whats this about a scroll of evasion ! sounds yummy !! where do I get some of those?

starting off you’ll want to get items that add Damage Resistance (DR) that will help you get started more then magic resistance. custom armor sets [B], [A], [S], [s80] and grade all have varying degrees of DR associated per piece and as a set bonus.

Scrolls of evasion drop in higher level hunting grounds and are consumable, you active just by double clicking, turn on/off. they will automatically be used when turned on and a enemy uses a magic spell it evades the spell like counter magic for you.

There is a no grade cloak option. Bunny Snuggie of Loyalty [2014], at lvl 30, has +7 int, +4 wis, 9 DR, +4 all elements and a small amount of base MR. Should be able to make it during Easter event in the spring.