MyL1.5 - The new way to play L1.5

For those who have not been following development on Discord, I’ve been in the process of developing a new way to play and access the game. A year ago this started with a utility called MyL1.5.

Version 1 - December 15, 2019

The original MyL1.5 was a utility designed help transfer items from characters across the same account. It allows access to warehouses, pouches and inventories of all your characters. it was created using standard browser based javascript utilities, without any game engine technologies or a connection directly to the server. All transfers went through an API to connect to the server through back channels, that ran the transfers and returned results. This system will remain in place at least until the features are fully offered in version 2.


  • Transfer Items Between Characters on the same account
  • Transfer Items To and From Warehouse & Elven Warehouse
  • Transfer Items To and From Pouch
  • Works while characters are both logged in and/or logged out


Version 2 - January 12, 2021

While version 1’s features were helpful and well received, there were always bigger plans for the tool, otherwise it would have just been called “Inventory Utility” or something. I would not have dreamed that the scope would expand in the way that it did though. Version 2 is designed to be its own client that can connect and login to the server. I’ve designed this from the ground up to act very much like the original game client and even uses a socket connection to keep active communication with the game server. It also uses an actual game engine to render things through an WebGL renderer, allowing your browser to do the heavy lifting that normally required an expensive video card.

This version is just the beginning of the new method of interacting with the game, overtime more features will be added with the end goal of making things completely playable through any modern web browser. This beta is very far from feature complete and does not allow many things required for active play, however it does work great for idle features and some interactions with other players. Read below to see what is and isn’t supported.


  • Can Login characters to the game
  • Can delete items from inventory by dragging them to the trash icon (currently doesn’t confirm, so be careful!)
  • Can drop items to the ground by dragging to the new icon near the trash icon (currently doesn’t confirm so be careful!)
  • Can open the codex of time (via the orange icon in the inventory window)
  • Can fully use all features of the codex of time (I’d advice not entering instances, as you can’t battle yet)
  • Supports ALL Chat types, including whisper/clan/ally, (can’t join a party yet, but party chat does work, when you can)
  • Can Equip and Un-Equip all gear as you would be able to in game
  • Can pick up items from the ground via the Visible Objects window by clicking on the item name
  • Can view -MOST- system messages the game sends
  • Can view and purchase items from shops in the codex window
  • Can see HP and MP which is actively updated by the server
  • Can see current adena and gift coins via the GUI in the bottom left (click to toggle adena/gc)
  • Can see current location and zone type (map name and zone in the bottom right, x and y are above your level and exp )
  • Can see how much time you have in a zone that is time limited (like growth rooms) in the bottom right above the mini map picture
  • Can use Zone Time Boosters and Growth Extenders from your inventory by double clicking them
  • Can use all commands that start with - (including -warp and -shop)
  • Can see all nearby players and npcs in a visible objects panel (currently can be opened with the End key or clicking the map button in the mini menu at the bottom of the screen)
  • Can toggle open and closed the Inventory Panel with the Tab key or clicking the Inventory button in the mini menu at the bottom of the screen
  • Can log out a character via the logout button in the top
  • Chat doesn’t require Shift+Space or Right Alt to be in ENGLISH

Current Limitations:

  • Unable to see your character
  • Unable to walk
  • Unable to leave/join clan
  • Unable to use / commands
  • Mini map is a static picture that doesn’t change yet
  • Main screen area is a static picture of SKT, doesn’t reflect where you are
  • Chat doesn’t currently expand to tall mode
  • Chat doesn’t let you change the default message type via the menu
  • Hotkeys and Quick item slots don’t work yet
  • Delete and Drop have no confirmations
  • Can’t Attack anything
  • Can’t use most non equipment items
  • Many windows and menus are not yet implemented
  • Logging into the game with myL1.5 logs you out of the normal client


What's to Come?

The current plan is to expand out version 2’s features to support not just all of the things you can do in game, but also allow custom interfaces for the things that really could use them like pvp hp, brooch management, quests, and many other new things I have not to implement due to limitations with the current client.

To do this we’ll need to squash the bugs as they show up. You can help with this by reporting new bugs and issues as they turn up here: Issues · zajako/myL15-issues · GitHub

The bug tracker also features a list of current known issues, be sure to check that.

How do I get there?