Need Help regarding Stats

Hi, everyone, i just really started playing here and i have started a mage recently. I need some help regarding the situation i am in right now:

First, can someone confirm the following regarding leveling and stats for Mages?

  1. Push Int and Con to 18 and save all stats points
  2. Level up to lv 100, and use “weak” elixer to push all stats to 18 (actually needs to be 20)
  3. Use the saved stats points saved up and push everything except dex to 25.
  4. use God Fluid to push (?) to 31???

I am not sure if the above is correct and what to do after step 3. I am not trying to be Godly here… but i would like my character to be somewhat competent. Can you guys please take a look?

PS: my mage began with 18 int, 16 wis, 18 con

Watch this video by Atilian it’s super helpful explaining this topic

As for weaks you don’t need to use all of them to push to 18 just enough so that you are covered by level up stats to 100 and don’t have to push further than that

Ok first of all
You need to understand about curse stat system
We can use only 11 fluid of god that’s why we need to do curse stat
The npc for curse stat at warp 8 beside of shop
This guy take 25m adena and -1 your elixer point
And make your dex -1 to -3 randomly when you got all stat 25 except dex yoy need to use 30 of fluid of god
So you need curse your stat about 30times
Witch means you need bunch of weak dex elixer like 50~70 for keep doing curse stats
And this is very important part make sure save 2 point of lvl bonus stat
once you make all 31 stats except dex
Make sure make your elixer point zero
Use weak elixer to 18
Use saved bonus stats to 20
Use 5 of regular dex elixir to 25
Use 6 of fluid of god dex to 31
And finally you are complete
This work is pain of ass to me but truth me
It’s worth

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is there a way for me to tell how many saved stat points i have left?

I kinda don’t get a few things from the videos… let me tell you what I think i understood:

  1. level to LV 100 (save all points except get int and con to 25)
  2. use weak elixirs to get everything to 18
  3. use the saved points to get everything except 1 stat to 25 (let’s say Dex)
  4. use 11x fluids of God on certain stats (because the limit is 11)
  5. curse “dex” to increase the amount of fluids of God i can use, then use fluids of God to increase all remaining stats to 31.
  6. ensure there are a few extra “fluid of God” slots for Dex (like 6?).
  7. use weak elixir on Dex (to 18)
  8. use saved stats on Dex (to 25)
  9. use fluid of God on Dex (to 31)

Every things correct but number 8
Use 2 saved stat point to 20
Use nomal elixer dex for 25 (easy to get)
Use fluid of god dex for 31

You only need 2 saved stat point
You can use everything but start save at 98 lvl

Yea Eems0601 is right.
Technically you just need 2 saved bonus stats to get the last stat (for your, I guess it will be Dex) to 31.
At the end, just remember get all your stats except Dex to 31.
At this point, your Dex should be 18 after using the weaks, and I guess you can either

  1. you can just save 2 bonus points to go to Dex20 and use 5 regular elixirs to Dex25, and 6 fluids to Dex31 (with this route, you will need to have -elixir count 0 before you start boosting your Dex)
  2. saved 7 bonus points to get to Dex25 and 6 fluids to Dex31 (with you route, I guess you just need -elixir count 5, since you are only going to use 6 fluids on Dex)

I guess either way works, but I notice that it’s hard to get regular elixirs too, so make sure you can get them before you decide which way you wanna do.