Need to be careful of player: SHMURDA

Hey guys,

I would like to start a post to warn players about past/current unethical players in L1.5. Zaj mentioned that he won’t be able to assist between players loaning items to each other, so I think it is community effort to keep the bad “apples” out of l1.5.

SHMURDA (T2 reaper - lvl91) - This player appeared about 2-3 months ago. He was buying starter gears, such as EPA and EPS. I sold him those items for GC. He talks big, such as rich in real life, money is not a problem and will donate much more, promising that he is able to pay. Unfortunately I trusted him and loaned him a lvl 24+ zaj helm/gloves/boot/armor/book, +25 zaj staff (fire 28+) and l1.5 to help him get to T3 as soon as possible, so he would be ready for anniversary event. I also loaned him about 1.8k gc worth consumable items to help him get to 31 stats…He promised to pay me once he donates, I waited patiently for almost a month and a half for him to pay me. In the meantime, he came up a lot of reasons (family emergency, no internet access, etc) and I was dumb enough to trust him really because I like playing the game and helping new people.

I sent at least 20 text messages this week and last week and no response. At this point, I think I was scammed and I don’t want anyone else to experience this. I was nothing but pleasant with this person and was treated poorly for no reason which makes me want to prevent others from experiencing this.

As far as I know, SHMURDA has been trying to sell my +25 zaj staff (fire 28+) and zaj set…whoever see a newbie uses zaj set +25 zaj staff or selling them, please post the name here, so we can flush the bad “apples” out of lineage 1.5. AND PLEASE DON’T BUY ANY ITEMS FROM THAT PLAYERS.


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That really stinks UMF. It is unfortunate that players are like that. I love helping new players and help them so they do not get quickly frustrated and leave, but times like those makes it hard.

I understand why Zaj isn’t involved, and agree this should be a community effort to keep the server clean for all to have fun and to allow us to help other players.

That really sucks bro. I don’t even have gear that good and I been here for years. We’ll keep on the lookout for you for sure.

OK I looked into this because one of my clan members was name dropped about this situation.

I spoke to my clan member who is a RL friend of the person that played that char.

He assured me that he has been unable to contact the player that uses that account through fb and other means but was able to secure the property mentioned and will be getting in contact with you UMF,

I hope this resolves everything, I will not put up with any funny business like this going on in my clan.

Please let me know when this gets resolved.



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Thanks for your help Papi and your clan members. Your clan member helped me to get the items back. Thanks!


Awesome guys. Great when the community can sort out these issues…without ingame bloodshed.

:slight_smile: Glad you got your items back UMF!