New Anthanras edos

Zajako I dnk if you saw my post early about them or not but I think something wrong with them they get dmg every time it procs fatal strikes

Fatal Strike by design does that. It’s like a dice dagger.

I’ll consider removing that effect or making it so there is just a chance that it damages.

Ohhh ok well it will be the only dragon weapon getting dmg hahah :grin:

The heavens fang has same proc, it’s always done that - it’s one of the downsides to a really strong proc but it’s been like that forever

I had heaven fangs never really pay attention to it -.- kind of lame honestly for a 2 handed weapon to get dmg on their own an don’t really make same dmg like a bow or sword that are one handed

It is a dragon weapon probably shouldn’t have to worry about damaging it from the proc just doing regular hunting at the very least

Well dmg it get lower or it might break ? I dnk but just think it shouldn’t get dmg but is zajakos call anyways