New Board Plugins

I’ve installed some new plugins to make the board have some neat features. Here is a list of new things you can do.

[] You can add check boxes by typing []
[*] You can make that checkbox be checked by adding a * in the middle of it
[x] You can also darken it with the check by putting an x instead of a *
[_] Or just have it be darkened by putting a _ instead of an x
[-] if you want it to be a minus sign instead use a -

If you make a post that is a question and someone in the post as answered your question to your satisfaction. You can now click on a checkmark box below the post next to the heart icon. This shows that this person has solved your question and will make it so someone else having the same problem, will know who’s answer to read first.

You can now add tags to new topics and posts, there should be a tag field at the bottom of some of the pages.