New Client and Color Modes

Hi all.
The new client that we are going to switch to today has different options for “window” and “fullscreen” modes. The issue with this is when the game opens in “window” mode or a user sets the client to “window mode” the client automatically changes the users “Color Mode” in windows from 32bit to 16bit (this is needed for the lineage client to run in window mode). This will greatly change your color quality in other applications such as games and movies and even browsing online. The client does NOT change your “Color mode” back to 32bit when you exit the client.

To change the setting you will do the following:

Windows XP:
Right Click on desktop > Properties > Screen Resolution tab> Advanced button> Monitor tab > Color mode drop down list.

Windows Vista / 7 / 8:
Right Click on desktop > Screen Resolution > Click Advanced > Monitor tab > Color mode drop down list.

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This will have to be done EVERY TIME the new client is run in any form of “Window Mode”

Please note: Not all players are going to have this issue as it only occurs with certain video cards however its more then not.