New Dolls! and some Thanksgiving Patch Notes!

First off, Happy Thanksgiving!

With the restart today we added 6 new dolls to the game! Some of these dolls have new functions that were not previously in the game. Read on to see what they do!

Magic Doll: Yellow Fire Egg - This doll adds 500 stun which is around 0.5% chance per hit each! Thanks to the restart today it also can be triggered with magic spells as well.

Greater Doll: Demon - Increase your Penetration by 10% with this new Greater Doll! It has no downsides, so it stacks with other new dolls as well!

Greater Doll: Baranka - Greatly increase your criticals with the new Greater Doll Baranka! It increases your crit rate by 3 and your crit damage by 10%. If that wasn’t enough it also increases your penetration by 3%, stacking with other dolls that increase penetration!

Greater Doll: Baphomet - This new Greater Doll helps you become much more resilient! How you ask? by increasing your Resilience stat by 10%!

Greater Doll: Chaos - Throw caution to the wind with this new Greater Doll by summoning some chaos! This doll adds 10% more penetration damage at the cost of losing 10% Resilience! Pricy but worth it?

Greater Doll: Kurtz - This Greater Doll provides some proper help by locking up your enemies with 1000 stun (around 1% chance) and padds up your resilience by 5%!

Other Changes

Weapon and doll procs that cause stun can now be triggered by magic spells!

Zajako’s Crystalized Lightning now applies 1500 stun (this is about 1.5% chance) on hit for both magic and physical damage, stacking with doll stun.

Dragon Weapon Event switched to Valakas to prepare for soon coming Valaks Weapon Update

Refreshed the Valakas’ Wing Bow X, XR and Event weapons (more on this to come with the rest of the Valakas weapon refresh. Also added new Incendiary Arrow proc for level 50 XR version of this weapon.

Standard Halloween Event Ended (Bready event is halloween and Thanksgiving so it is still active)

(Previous Restart) Allow bread weapons to work on normal monsters

(Previous Restart) Allowed Bready Buff to stack for up to 8 hours

(Previous Restart) Summon Hyper Bread can also summon Lurch Boss

(Previous Restart) Weapons can now have base Penetration and Resilience stats without requiring it to be a soul weapon