New forum site?

Been a while, and I haven’t seen any updates to the forums on the l15server site. Is there a new site I have not been to that holds forum posts with the new client? Looking in Discord is so difficult, but it is inefficient to scroll through all the comments to find what is going on. I did see something about a site being worked on but nothing about a release.


As far as I can tell, there isn’t a new site. I think most everyone is using discord now, since it came along there haven’t been nearly as many forum posts. Most of those are event and big news posts from Zajako.

Yeah, the discord gets all the attention. Also I have not been posting much as for news posts recently because the updates have been related to the HD client and I’ve been trying to keep that on the DownLow until its ready for a big advertising push. Its so nearly there.

The new site will use these message boards still as well.

The announcements tab seems to have the stuff that would normally be posted up here