New guantlet idea

OK, I had this idea for a new gauntlet to help players participate in boss fights/events.

When players with lower MR/DR try to participate in bosses with other players, they generally just die over and over. I was thinking with a ranged weapon, they could stand back a little and still contribute.

I’m thinking something weaker than the zaj bow, but with a lot of +hit. Something any class could use and be able to be a part of things even if they can’t survive on the front lines.

It could even be loosely based on the Evil Pumpkin Sword. N-grade and just a few basic procs.

There’s another post out there about group hunts. If group hunts become common, the level and gear gap will become more and more of a problem when choosing a hunting location.

There are many bows that meet this description. Check the database / auction house :slight_smile: