New hunting Zone

I would like to see Karma used. You could do -Karma dropping Holy/dark stones/crystals at a low rate, and +Karma drop all other elemental stones. You could also keep the old earring idea, for each karma area… leveling your +/- Karma to get earrings that are non-tradable. Harder to obtain but balanced w/ current earrings and time required to obtain/level the earrings.

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Desire cave is huge cuz it’s the outer area then the 4 elemental zones that’d be a good spot. The other karma place, even though 3 floors is waaaay to small though :-/

Yea but would create pvp options and would have less chances at drops, since the holy/dark stones are rarer/more powerful. Also could be melee only or something. 3rd floor is pretty decent size, but low spawn.