New L1.5 Companion App

As many of you guys know I’ve been working on a new mobile app that will be a companion to the game. It works by connecting to the server while your character is logged in and allowing you to manage some aspects of the game.

I’ve got a beta version of the first piece of this new mobile app I’ve been building, the Brooch Manager. Also included in this is the obviously required Login System.

I’ll be shortly linking an android build to this post for you guys to download and install on your android phones. I may be doing an ios beta using a program like TestFlight as well, I just need the time to set that up.

Here are some screenshots of the app so you can see what it looks like in it’s current state:

Current Features for the Brooch Manager:

  • Supports logging into the game if you currently have a character logged in
  • Automatically logs you in if you are previously logged in
  • Automatically shows the correctly equipped brooch and the jewels you currently have equipped
  • Tap or Drag & Drop jewels to equip or unequip them
  • Jewels currently in your inventory are displayed at the bottom
  • Refresh button in case you equip/destroy/unequip a jewel or brooch and need the app to reflect that change

Features in Development for the Brooch Manager

  • Equip/Unequip Brooch
  • When no brooch equipped show brooches in inventory at bottom instead of jewels
  • Automatic Refreshing

Planned Features for the Brooch Manager

  • Jewel Presets
  • Support for extra slots provided by other equipment slots like dragon weapons or bracelets.

Beta Downloads
Android APK:
Download and open this file on your android device and it should prompt you to install it.

iOS: Coming Soon